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Fill tancz

  • Fill my shoes - Disciple
    "Hey won't you come to try and fill my shoesThey don't walk so wellHey can you take the death inside my heartIt don't beat so wellBridgeAnd I wait for youCome and save me from the placeHelp me changeChorusI"
  • Fill Me Again - Dark new Day
    "Like a postcard picture fading out to desert winter, Once an ocean now it leaves me dry. Clouds are separating. Tear apart this life I'm living I'm gravitated to this brand new light. Is it in me? Am"
  • Fill Your Heart - David Bowie
    "Fill your heart with love today Don't play the game of time Things that happened in the past Only happened in your Mind Only in your Mind-Forget your Mind And you'll be free-yea' The writing's on the wall Free-yea'."
  • Valleys Fill First - Caedmons Call
    "This is the vally that i'm walking through And if fells like forever since I've been close to you My friends up above me don't understand why i struggle like i do My shadow's my only,only companion and"
  • Fill My Pill - Be Your Own Pet
    "Get out of my skin, get out of my skin Get out of my skin, get out of my skin Get out of my skin, get out of my skin And now you're embarassed get out of my skin I try to fight you but you always"
  • Come Fill My Heart - CeCe Winans
    "Fill this void and emptiness Shine Your light on my darkness Satisfy and restore my hand I long for You, make me whole Come quench this thirsting, Lord I am ready Here I am waiting, come fill my heart You"
  • Fill My Cup Lord - Wanda Jackson
    "Like the woman at the well, I was seeking For things that never satisfy And then I heard my Savior speaking "Draw from the well that never will run dry" (Lord please fill my cup) Chorus: Fill my cup,"
  • Bigger Hole To Fill - The Hives
    "Look out! I pet the cat along the whiskers And I always go along the grain You'll never see me in the deep end If' I ain't got nothing to gain Don't serve the fool or act the donkey If you allow me to"
  • Love fill my soul - Tabu
    "Dobry Boże, gdzież mnie niesie? Tak uciekam od rzeczywistości Czuję się tak wielki, jakbym dotykał płonącego nieba, Płonącego nieba Dobry Boże, gdzież mnie niesie? Tak uciekam od rzeczywistości Jestem"
  • Fill in the blanks - Elvis Costello
    "You might think that you want to hold me You might think that you'd like to scold me Even believe that you can control me Fill in the blanks You fantasize you'd like to get me alone Do you imagine that"

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