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  • Believe In You - Cimorelli
    "you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see the person looking back at you is not who you want to be you see a failure a screw up someone who doesn’t deserve love you started to give up on"
  • Camouflage - Brandy
    "I'm a work in progress I'm a seed grown into a flower I'm a storm that's rising Getting stronger with every hour And god knows I ain't perfect Tell me who in the world is All I know is that I'm searching"
  • Woman Of The 80's - Julia Fordham
    "I LIKE IT LIKE THIS I LIKE IT LIKE THIS I'm a woman of the 80s, I'm fit and I'm strong There ain't no situation where I don't belong Too late for flowers too soon for pins (too soon for pins) But I know"
  • Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren't Dead) - The Damned
    "Suddenly, you are twice the man you used to be Excessive fame in quick death Would it be different If he had gone instead Would you be so hot if you wern't dead? Famously, you spoke of love philosophy You're"
  • Chrysalis - Diary Of Dreams
    "Read my lips and speak out loud My fingertips are more then proud To touch your skin, to feel your face I'm drowning in your sweet embrace Emptyness and incompleteness Endlessness and in-defeat-less Has"
  • Half Friend Town - As Friends Rust
    "Here it is I hide Independently confined to this half friend town Prisoner where I reside Cower from the Gainesville eye Welcome to half friend town And we all know what that means It means giving up and"
  • Him Hymn - Rudimentary Peni
    "For fifty-four years he worked hard On five foul factory flaws Boredom ranking low on his list of fears Though they say his tears they cried dry tears He's no teenager He's a real neat rager He's"
  • Would you - Obsidian Voice
    "Would you shout if i was silent would you see if I was blind and if I was deaf would you listen Words of terror in your ears sounds of anger, blood and tears Flaws and prayers on your lips like needles"
  • Me And You - Nada Surf
    "me and you got nothing better to do than to push each other around in our own way i'm gonna divine it i'm gonna figure out the cause why we're both riding up and down on my emotional flaws dig a deep shaft fill"
  • Trendy Girl - Tune
    "She's so fabulous Looks like a movie star A twinge of jealousy It's her philosophy A big night on the town Let's make our bodies sway I bet she's never turned away My trendy girl... She's out of my league Crown"

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