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Folsom prison

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Folsom prison
  • Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Prison Walls
    "Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Miscellaneous Prison Walls These prison walls keep me from leaving There's no escape I'm not strong enough I was condemned the night the devil came soul stealin' The day"
  • Warren Zevon Prison Grove
    "(Warren Zevon & Jorge Calderon) An icy wind burns and scars Rushes in like a fallen star Through the narrow space Between these bars Looking down on Prison Grove Dug in, hunkered down Hours race without"
  • Solid Base Prison Wall
    ""Bom! Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, Your love is like a bom, bom, bom, bom. Your"
  • Melissa Etheridge The Prison
    "I was high and dry like the Kansas sky If I ached for any more I knew I'd surely die Night after night trying to get out of my skin Day after lonely day You'd send me back again I have stood inside this"
  • Social Distortion Prison Bound
    "Well, I'm goin' to a place where the tough guys go And come out even tougher A place where a man don't show his feelings A place where a man don't cry Well, they say I'm bein' punished And they say I"
  • Bleeding Through Hollywood Prison
    "Go Since you left I've found myself locked in another prison But your bars and chains can't take the heart outof this man Without you my skies are always gray. Now I'm seeing red through a different"
  • Neko Case Prison Girls
    "Where am I tonight? La, da, da My hotel room won't remember me And this dream will die, die by morning And this dream won't remember me Awakened by a droning voice I love your long shadows and your"
  • Nostradameus In Prison
    "(The prince:) Thrown into prison, into "Crown's inn" I'm sitting here all alone Already forgotten by people I loved Surrounded by walls of stone Goddamn you prophet for putting me here Anguish and hate"
  • Jah Cure Prison Walls
    "Behind these prison walls Doing my paces Doing my time I am, Spending my restless nights Visioning faces Oh they all crying Cryyyyyyyyyying Prison ah nuh bed a roses The livity it makes me ball I wish"
  • Lynda Lemay Jolie Prison
    "j'avais mis mon cur dans ta vie et quand il en est ressorti ensanglant et tout en pleurs je me suis jure de le mettre ailleurs alors je l'ai mis dans un tiroir en dessous des gants et des foulards mais"

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