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Foreigner -
  • Foreigner Do What You Like
    "Don't tell me what you can't do Never had a hold on you And don't tell me where you'd rather be Just say the word, I'll set you free You won't believe what you won't see The only one you'll lose is me Don't"
  • Foreigner Rev On The Red Line
    "Two in a row, everybody knows At the green light you rev it on the red line Been waitin' all week to get my wheels on the street Get my hands on the wheel, slide down in the seat She's wearin' new colors"
  • Foreigner Rain
    "Brother, always reaching far too high But I can see the tragic side, and it ain't easy And brother you won't let anybody help Why do you sacrifice yourself? You can't go on this way Tell me why, oh why? Why"
  • Foreigner Until The End Of Time
    "When I was young And the world belonged to me I thought that love Meant pain and jealousy It was a cross on my shoulder Oh Lord, now I feel so much older Woo, woo Time had a way Of making me see My lonely"
  • Foreigner White Lie
    "One little white lie One white lie surrounds us One white lie won't stop the love That I feel around us Darlin', do you think about me What I feel for you, don't you ever doubt me You see the lock on"
  • Foreigner Night Life
    "Wake up in time to see the sun going down Turn on the six o'clock news See what's happening in this town I take a walk down to the corner I meet those bad girls hanging around Never doing what they oughta Ooh"
  • Foreigner Juke Box Hero
    "Standing in the rain with his head hung low Couldn't get a ticket, it was a sold out show Heard the roar of the crowd, he could picture the scene Put his ear to the wall, then like a distant scream He"
  • Foreigner Break It Up
    "Made myself a prisoner I locked myself away Can't remember the last time I saw the light of day Don't want to face life Feel I've been betrayed I want you tell me Where our love went astray So can't you"
  • Foreigner Real World
    "Days, times we will remember When innocence was lost We let our hearts move on So many dreams we thought would last forever Today it doesn't matter All those dreams are gone, they are gone, oooh Tell me"
  • Foreigner All I Need To Know
    "So I walk another mile down this crooked road Clouds rolling in Lord it's getting cold Feeling fine, feel lost, feeling blue tonight But my only friend is Mr. Moonlight Then I see you girl lost in your"

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