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I wanna wish you

  • Wish - Hurts
    "At the Piccadilly station I felt my heartbeat racing And I didn't know, know better And on the Campbell road I found a mirror for my soul And I didn't need no other I was accident pawn, I fell over heels"
  • Wish - Peter Murphy
    "I wish it was spring I wish it was your house We'd invite the beggars Hanging 'bout your front fence Wish I was your tree I wish I could bend and bow Like the branch of ash Bum idols for love I wish we"
  • Things I Wish - Anointed
    "When the night is long And the dreams you've been holdin' seem all but gone When you're tired, cold and weak And you can't stop your mind, no you can't even sleep..... I know that you're worried And you're"
  • Wish I Never - Kashif Ibadullah Khan
    "I can't believe you, Everything about you You mademe feel so special, Knowing I was your girl You told me, You'd never mistreat me But you did, So I said Chorus: *Get out, out of my life Runaway, from"
  • Wish - Milk Inc
    "SometimesI still hear youIn someone else's voiceSometimesIt gets lonelyDo I have a choiceNo one seems to notice the breaking of a heartNo one sees my dreams falling apartWish I didn't need youI Wish you"
  • Wish I Wasn't - Heather Headley
    "I'm home alone again And your out hangin' with your friends So you say Somehow i know it's not quite that way It's getting pretty late And you haven't checked on me all day When i called, you didn't answer Now"
  • Wish - Milk Inc.
    "Sometimes I still hear you In someone else's voice Sometimes It gets lonely Do I have a choice No one seems to notice the breaking of a heart No one sees my dreams falling apart Wish I didn't need you I"
  • Wish - Sherrie Austin
    "Last night in a dream An angel came to me She granted me one wish And when she asked what it would be Did I wish that we all could live in peace? Did I wish for an end to poverty? No, I wished it away"
  • Wish I Was - Shane Hebert
    "If I could help it If I would have known Your dark skin glistens proud in the sun Then you walk away, walk away, walk away and I am left with none I sit around and wait and I don't know why You"
  • Wish - Behemoth
    "This is the first day of my last days I built it up now I take it apart Climbed up real high now fall down real far No need for me to stay the last thing left I just threw it away I put my faith in god"

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