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Joseph's coat

  • Blue Coat, Black Hair - We Are The Fury
    "I never told you what you needed to hear that's so untrue you said it never even looked like i cared well, how about you? how could i forget you were the one who jumped the gun? have you thought"
  • Coat Check Dream Song - Bright Eyes
    "Shrill as a choir of children Urgent like the first day of May False and inflatable feeling Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy's Parade One brick on top of another Such is the measure of man Planets are"
  • What's Behind Your Coat? - Bogmen
    "He says hes an honest man Taxes not included Hes pinstriped and naturally tan Tan from all the shine hes running under your nose He says that hes a moral man Its easy when youve got the money He claims"
  • Don't Let Go The Coat - Pete Townshend
    "I can't be held responsible for my behavior I lost all contact with my only savior Please don't lock me out because I missed to phone ya I can't bear to live forever like a loner Don't let go of the"
  • Don't Let Go The Coat - The Who
    "I can't be held responsible for blown behaviour I lost all contact with my only saviour No-one locked me out because I failed to phone up I can't bear to live forever like a loner Don't let go the coat It's"
  • Communion Cups And Someone's Coat - Iron And Wine
    "Talk of yesterday and She will show her Brothers photographed In callous clothes. Say tommorow and She'll say come find me On a beach, and there will no moon. But say today, and she will kiss your face And"
  • Amy In The White Coat - Bright Eyes
    "You take your clothes off Right after school The tea is on The flame is blue And you hope it won't take All afternoon The TV's waiting To talk to you It's your naked body On white velour But there's no"
  • I Don't Wear A Coat - Socratic
    "I don't wear a coat since I love the cold. And it's not my fault I was never told to be polite when I speak. Bow to crowds' applause from empty seats. Hold out your hand: are you ready to eat? You look"
  • The coat is always on - Cat Power
    "Mother don't sit, Mother don't stand, Mother don't send me. Sister come and lay your head on me, I can see you haven't had any sleep in a long time. That baby's gonna be so easy on me, Never see his smile,"
  • With The Transit Coat On - None More Black
    "Hey Mr. Postman, quit bringing me lemons. There's far more than I can use. They're tumbling out of my closet. Rolling from under my bed. When I'm running through ladders. Just saw a black cat. It crossed"

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