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Kaliber 44

  • Surprise Me 44 - Tunng
    "We'll come around when the sun falls down We'll slow retreat from the soft wet heat We'll amble down when it's all washed out The burned up the sold up the fools and clowns We'll say goodnight to the long"
  • 44 Killers (Interlude) - Three 6 Mafia
    "(DJ Paul and Juicy J) I'm bout to blow them boys ass off (Whatcha niggas wanna do?) I'm bout to blow them boys ass off (Talkin all that fuckin shit) I'm bout to blow them boys ass off (Coward ass bitches) I'm"
  • Dreams (4:44) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "I get up and draw the curtain all around the windows wide open! all the plants around were forgotten but they grow up in the garden. I discover meadows new and green you wonderful free land blowing screen! it"
  • 44. Caliber Love Letter - Alexisonfire
    ""44. Caliber Love Letter" Album: Alexisonfire (2002) Sifting through weathered photo albums (Does it make a difference?) Looking for gloriously aged polaroids (This is the way it is) (You think it really"
  • Złamane Sny (44 wersy) - Siwers
    "Warszawa 1944 2013 Siwers Złamane sny, sprawdź to. Biorę pół litra i zamykam się w pokoju, po cichu gra muzyka nie odbieram telefonów, dziś w moich myślach bliski, którego nie zobaczę, jedna rozmowa z"
  • Care Of Cell 44 - The Zombies
    "Good morning to you I hope you're feeling better baby Thinking of me while you are far away Counting the days until they set you free again Writing this letter hoping you're okay Saved you the room you"
  • The Riddle (4:44) - Gigi D'Agostino
    "i got two strong arms blessings of babylon time to carry on and try for sins and false alarms so to america the brave wise men save near a tree by a river there's a hole in the ground where an old man"
  • 44 Wersy (prod.Wuerbe) - ParaGraf
    "Popatrz w moje oczy, to nie szablonowy dotyk, odszukaj sentencji, bo wygląd jest nieistotny. To wybór nie jest taki, po prostu prostu, po prostu bądź z tym ostrożny, serio potraktuj koszty. Owszem, pieprzyć"
  • The Night Of The 44 - Insane Clown Posse
    "I ran into a gas station, and blew somebody head off they neck I thought it was a dream but then I look and see that I'm a bloody wreck I can't run to my mama's house I know that she would never understand"
  • Art And Illusion 3:44 - Twelfth Night
    "Magic man said "You know my dear You are living inside a dream Believing the things I do Are what they seem Life is a trick that runs too quick For a volunteer from the crowd The volunteers only see What's"

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