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Kartkay outside

  • Get Outside - Robert Palmer
    "(Robert Palmer) If your vision is holding you If you can't fathom out what to do If you can't read what you write If you find yourself waking in the middle of the night Get outside Get outside Get outside If"
  • Inside/Outside - Concrete Blonde
    "what I feel inside, sometimes is hard to get out. lost in translation what I'm thinking about. the voices inside... I believe when I hear they come from somewhere between my heart & my ear... INSIDE"
  • Step Outside - Foghat
    "Peverett / Price / Earl / Stevens - Knee Trembler Music, Inc - ASCAP Got nowhere to go, you got nothin' to do, Just killin' time, but it's killin' me too, Too much sorrow and too many tears, You've"
  • Step Outside - José González
    "Step outside, Step outside Step outside ,Step outside Heart's on fire, leave it all behind you Dark as night, let the lightning guide you Step outside, gonna step outside, I'm gonna step out Heart's"
  • Outside World - Midnight Oil
    "There's a wind on the eastern side Ghost Gums dance in the moonlight night Mopoke mourns the racketeers The bosses they can sense your moves All in place to a hand that rules They all want to deal you"
  • Outside Chance - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) You can try to please me But it won't be easy Stone walls surround me I'm surprised you even found me And you don't stand an outside chance And you don't stand an outside chance And you"
  • Outside Myself - k.d. lang
    "(K.D. Lang/Ben Mink) A thin ice Covers my soul My body's frozen and my heart is cold And still So much about me is raw I search for a place to unthaw Something in me Broods love into fear It veils my"
  • Outside Chance - Counting Crows
    "(Original by The Turtles - written by Warron Zevon ) You can try to please me But it won't be easy Stone walls surround me I'm surprised that you even found me Chorus: And you don't stand an outside chance (you"
  • Outside Providence - The Wilkinsons
    "She's driving outside providence She's on the outside looking in She's finally figured out just where she's going Her mama says that she's insane Her daddy swears a boy's to blame She's never seen the"
  • World Outside - Socialburn
    "One cigarette down and four left to go before I make it home And I really don't care if I make it or not cause I can't take another night alone Yeah but before I close my eyes I can see a world in front"

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