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Khayden kross

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Khayden kross
  • Redd Kross Love Is You
    "You're my love You're my happiness You're the one You're the reason why it's true oh yes you You're the sun All it's happiness You're my love and all my love is you oh yes you Won't you stay just a little"
  • Redd Kross What They Say
    "He had no shoulders so he could not shrug And so he didn't say a thing at all He sat at home watching stupid t.v. Yeah he was waiting for his god to call And he knew that the day would come When the sun"
  • Redd Kross Kiss The Goat
    "Oh, fifty cents For a dead man's eye, yeah Everything in sight Anything that money can buy - oh yeah I took on a chance On a dance with the ocean - move so slow Invisible phantom motion (Phantom me-motion-invisible"
  • Redd Kross Ugly Town
    "Hang around on the street Get a feel for this ugly place Everybody wants to Hide their face Lonely state of mind You will go Just hang around Waiting for a show They look familiar But no one I know Lonely"
  • Redd Kross It's In The Sky
    "I know a place Where I belong Where people won't judge The things I've done I know a place Where pain will end And time will stop And forever begins It's in the wind It's in the sky It's in the wind It's"
  • Redd Kross Switchblade Sister
    "Lonely friend is a Flying-V She says she does her ax, baby, more than me The times are changing I know its true Oh, whatever happened to me and you Switchblade Sister Alright now Switchblade Sister You"
  • Redd Kross How Much More
    "Every night I see you walk Walking by, walking by You hold your head so close to his I could die, yeah, I could die I want to be that boy tonight Boy tonight, boy tonight How much more can I take Before"
  • Redd Kross Star Lust
    "He's drunk in a 5-star hotel Passed out in his room You believe that when he's singing He's singing just for you Pity is so sexy when it fills the empty space Sad and lonely The homely are responding"
  • Redd Kross Ghandi Is Dead (I'm The Cartoon Man)
    "She's still my best friend I will tell you why now baby She is my best friend She jerks off to rock-n-roll That's all right with me A flower can not see It's like folk music from Bulgaria It's like folk"
  • Redd Kross Shonen Knife
    "Take us to that place We don't want your jive, cracker Take us to that place 'Cuz we're looking for a master I'm not talking 'bout no Jesus Christ But I'm sure that he would like it here Not everyone who"

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