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  • You Owe Me An IOU - Hot Hot Heat
    "He was in the habit of taking things for granted Granted, there wasn't much for him to take And the only thing constant was the constant reminder he'd never change Tight fisted with his compliments, it"
  • You Owe Me Money - Bad Examples
    "Bad Examples Bad Is Beautiful You Owe Me Money I think i'm gonna like this Cutting you down to size I've never been a bully -- i think it's about time Gonna take you in the alley Cut you up against the"
  • World Don't Owe Me - Catie Curtis
    "The world don't owe me nothing Though I always want it to The world don't owe me happy The world don't owe me a love like you The world don't owe me nothing even Though I'm on my knees Not the things I"
  • We Owe Good For Everything - Kitty Wells
    "[ Johnny ] God creates the flowers and trees the little birds that we hear sing The mountains high and the mighty seas we owe God for evertything God walks these beutiful hills with me he's by my"
  • You Owe Me One - Abba
    "Now there's a shadow falling over our faces Doubt forever in our hearts And in a while we'll stop to pick up the traces We won't find the missing parts Buy me a ticket I'll go to the Bahamas I need a rest"
  • Owe It All To You - Rob McVeigh
    "Was it you? Was it me? I don't know Were we holding on when we should have let go? You will always dance in my eyes But there's something I've gotta say Before you walk away this time I owe it all to"
  • I Don't Owe You Nothing - Hidell
    "well I've got lot's of friend that come around But nothing beats the kicks that i have found well I've got lot's of friend that come around well I've got lot's of friend that come around ( Ya Ya ) well"
  • You owe it to yourself - Gino Vanelli
    "The coolness of your kissThe lingering of your sighYour sweet yet unconvincing smileTell me no lieIs it a wish for second youthThe age of lost romanceOr does a half-forgotten dream need one more chanceIt's"
  • I Don't Owe You Anything - The Smiths
    "Bought on stolen wine A nod was the first step You knew very well What was coming next Did I really walk all this way Just to hear you say "Oh I don't want to go out tonight" "Oh I don't want to go out"
  • I Owe It All - Paul Colman
    "No matter how far I run Run away from you Youve always been there And you welcome me home Like I never was gone Friend of all friends Ive forsaken Ive mistreated you Lover divine No matter how hard I tried To"

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