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  • Too Much - Cheap Trick
    "Don't wanna see you again You're takin' a little too much Maybe it's my fault-ok You've taken away too much Swimmin' in sorrow all day Well fakin' it doesn't do much Maybe you've fallen from grace It's"
  • Too Much - Tech N9ne
    "From the deepest darkest part of misery Never seen before Never heard before Talent beyond this world Bow down for royalty Tech N9ne the king Krizz Kali the czar Kutt Calhoun the prince Too much to comprehend There's"
  • Too Much - Leeland
    "All these places I have been All these faces I have seen Too much, too much All these bricks and all these stones Have all been cast they've all been thrown Too hard, too hard Find me in the background"
  • Too much - GBH
    "Well I've got a real hot feelin',in this real cold world.I'm in love, with a humongous girl.She sleeps all day in a ruined church,night time comes, she's got me in her lurch.Still air explosions with her"
  • Too Much - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Adrian Perkins; minor corrections by Colin Ford and Jim Kettner) All I ever wanted was to lose myself in you All I ever needed was you to need me too You're all I ever think"
  • Too Much - The Reunion Show
    "Maybe i should have more patience A paradox posing as a problem A wash in this sea of nonsense Spun around and right back again I want too much I tell you I want too much Complicate you I want too much Rearrange"
  • Too much - Serani
    "Big up Demarco sing fallen soldierTired fi mama cry and bawl on shouldaMust be a Holocaust or GenocideHumanity I prescribe Too muchToo much gunshot a beatToo much marrow pon di streetDamn Devil must get"
  • Too Much - Cage
    "Blue collar to corporate blessed the unfortunate Like when I put my foot down that bitch still aborted it Stuck the canister under my jacket like the lucky one 'Uh, sir you can't leave with that,' Bitch"
  • Too much - Rita Pax (Paulina Przybysz)
    "Eyes wide open Starting to hurt And desperately dancing Like he would care You close it soaking But I sweat You desperately hoping That he would care And you’ve been tryin’ tryin’, tryin’ , tryin’, tryin’ For"
  • Too Much - Mark Lind
    "There's a place deep inside our souls Where we can run to when we think we can't take no more I've seen it done and I someday I'll be able to find it too Now you're saying that there ain't no point You're"

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