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Lip yachty

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Lip yachty
  • Robert Plant Fat Lip
    "I can't believe it, it happens each day It's ill conceived, just throw it away To watch the waiting time slipping away It won't be long now I hold the moment, the hour is sublime It's hard believing,"
  • Sum Less Than Fat Lip
    "Storming through the party like my name was El ninio Well I'm hangin out drinking in the back of an El camino As a kid,was a skid and no one knew me by name. trashed my own house party cause nobody came. I"
  • Arab On Radar Split Lip
    "oh mama takes the fly swatter to my ass because, I gave St. Peter a shiner oh mama uses the plunger to suck the milkshakes out of my ass and serve it to the battered wives I cant give Albert a boner and"
  • Bad Manners Lip Up Fatty
    "Lip up, fatty, ah, lip up, fatty, for the reggae Lip up, fatty, ah, lip up, fatty, for the reggae Listen to the music, shuffle up your feet Listen to the music of the fatty beat Lip up, fatty, ah, lip"
    "AC-DC Stiff Upper Lip STIFF UPPER LIP Stiff Upper Lip (2000) (Young, Young) Well I was out on the drive on a bit of a trip Looking for thrills to get me some kicks Now I warn you ladies - I shoot from"
  • Atom And His Package Bloody Lip (live)
    "*speaking* This is a cover song by a band that used to exist outside of Phlidelphia, their name is I Hate You, this song is called Bloody Lip. *singing* I'll give you a bloody lip A bloody lip A bloody"
  • Shania Twain Bite My Lip
    "I gotta a 9-5 that seems like it never ends I gotta touchy boss that wants me in his hands yeah And no is a word that he doesn't understand He says baby can you work with me til 9 I know he knows that"
  • AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip
    "Well I was out on a drive On a bit of a trip Lookin for thrills To get me some kicks Now I warn you ladies I shoot from the hip I was born with a stiff Stiff upper lip Like a dog in a howl I bite everything And"
  • Elton John Bite Your Lip
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by bernie taupin Available on the album blue moves She slid down to the city limits Monkey time in fifteen minutes Bite your lip, get up, get up and dance Don't let me down Please"
  • Lil' Mama Lip Gloss (Acappella)
    "[ ] Yeah' Its Popping (x4) I gotta ask 'em, Cos if i dont Its Popping (x4) What cha No 'bout me, what cha, what cha no bout me What cha no bout me what cha what cha no!!! Is that my lip gloss is cool,"

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