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Luca silence

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Luca silence
  • The Ting Tings Silence
    "Hold, hold your tongue now And let them all listen to your silence //5x No need to listen to yourself Maybe this one will pass you by Or to anybody else No need to listen to yourself Or to anybody else //2x Hold,"
  • Chimaira Silence
    "I am the one breaks all This misery you call your life I am the one who will carry you To an altar of joy Follow me Flee from this Except nothing but the best I will hide all your pain Resort to the unknown"
  • The Tea Party Silence
    "Silent spirit walks before me With her beauty and with her eyes Heaven help me I feel i'm fading I should rest here for a while In the dreamtime I'm awakened As my senses seize the night Heaven help me I'm"
  • Lizz Wright Silence
    "Have you heard the silent night? The earth is always singing Praises of the morning sun Even before morning And the whole world is singing of Its beauty all day long And even the quiet dark That silence"
  • Sidewinder Silence
    "The day you left us there, like a knife in the back! Can't you see the emptiness, I feel when you look at me from above? Medley of pain and regrets, will we meet another day? Your body shape is lying there,"
  • All Silence
    "I still dream about you now and then Then I wonder why I am I still see your body in my head I remember laying in your bed It'll never happen again I don't have a single thing to say You dried me up in"
  • Rainbow Silence
    "You say you want your freedom It all gets a bit out of hand Caught in the ocean as I'm watching you breathe We all believe what we wanted to belive That's the silence of love You say all you want is money You"
  • Delerium Silence
    "Give me releaseWitness meI am outsideGive me peaceHeaven holds a sense of wonderAnd I wanted to believe that I'd get caught up when the rage in me subsidesI can't help this longingComfort meI can't hold"
  • Grave Digger Silence
    "You are lying there, I hear no silent cry A nameless spirit under the cloudy sky You've left my life and you left my heart I feel endless days of present and past Eagles fly into the night And the world"
  • Vanilla Ninja Silence
    "Hello darkness, my old friend, Ive come to talk with you again, Because a vision softly creeping, Left its seeds while I was sleeping, And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the"

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