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  • Im Your Child - Barry Manilow
    "It's A Miracle -Artist: Barry Manilow as sung on "Greatest Hits" -Arista A2L 8601 -peak Billboard position # 12 in 1975 -Words and Music by Barry Manilow and Marty Panzer You wouldn't believe where I've"
  • You - Barry Manilow
    "YOU'RE MY ONLY GIRL (JENNY) WRITERS BARRY MANILOW, JOHN BETTIS, MICHAEL MASSER Jenny I need your love believe what I'm saying Jenny I need your love you're my only girl the only one for me in this"
  • Old Songs - Barry Manilow
    "READ 'EM AND WEEP Barry Manilow I've been trying for hours just to think of what exactly to say I thought I'd leave you with a letter or fiery speech Like when an actor makes an exit at the end of a play And"
  • So Real (Wade Robson Remix) - Mandy Moore
    "Baby it's real Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, now hit it Repeat X4 Innocence is what i've got It'll take true love to hit the spot Can't control my every move When we're together we're in the groove"
  • The Whole Of The Moon - Mandy Moore
    "I pictured a rainbow You held it in your hands I had flashes but You saw the plan I wandered out in the world for years While you just stayed in your room I saw the crescent Yeah You saw the whole"
  • Extraordinary - Mandy Moore
    "I was a daydream Quiet and unseen I lived in stories But inside I kept a mystery I was a starling Nobody's darling Flying in perfect circles Just for company And now I'm ready And now I'm ready And now"
  • All Good Things - Mandy Moore
    "All good things... All good things... All good things... Not sure where to go Everybody I know Says I'm too forgiving And now that I'm gone I don't wanna move on I just keep reliving All good things I"
  • Slummin' In Paradise - Mandy Moore
    "I'm a long way off But I'm still around Sitting on the couch I'm watching you And if I take my time All the others give in You still feel like you're standing in line I just know that you're worth the"
  • Most Of Me - Mandy Moore
    "I'm not ready to confront I'd rather cement my words this way This could be the easy road out But I'm just not all that happy So I'm writing all this down And I'll file it in a drawer someday In lieu of"
  • Few Days Down - Mandy Moore
    "It's a take-out weekend It's a fake-out smile and pretend If nobody sees you cry You can say it was raining outside CHORUS And all that you want Is a few days down All that you need A little time to drown It's"

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