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Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar

  • Rock and Roll Nigger - Marilyn Manson
    "And the world spreads its legs.... And the world spreads its legs For another fuckin' star! 'Cause I AM the all-american Antichrist. I was made in america, And america hates ME for what I am. I am YOUR"
  • Manson Klan - Righteous Pigs
    "6 years in a hole Caged up like a fuckin' rat Prisoner under criminal law There ain't no turning fuckin' back Punish you for what you've done You better run for shelter Wrathful thinking has begun It's"
  • Charlie Manson - Esham
    "I be the nigga with the 357 chrome plated, America's most player hated and frustrated, Suicide's still on my mind, I comteplated, Murder more niggas, dead bodies, premeditated. Born and brought up"
  • Phantom Antichrist - Kreator
    "Ascending from an enemy appears Ending the ever forming bliss Two appear, a horror in the wilds A fear that concentrates upon the eyes Force of total violence, total death Lies, a pure feeling of the west To"
  • My Antichrist - Norther
    "Deeper I should look, Deeper I will have to see What lies there, what is real Deep underneath, so far it's hard to see A ghost, I'm fucking sure, 'Cause it's either you or me The legacy remains, year"
  • The Antichrist - Slayer
    "(Lyrics - Hanneman; Music - Hanneman, King) Screams and nightmares Of a life I want Can't see living this lie no A world I haunt You've lost all control of my Heart and soul Satan holds my future Watch"
  • Antichrist Warzone - 1349
    "To break the barriers of every man's hope Just show him: reality Just give him a glimpse of what's beyond, The lies of sanity Just show him the lies spun around Their so-called "normality" I'll offer you"
  • Superstar - Marina (Marina And The Diamonds)
    "When I’m afraid When the worlds gone dark Come and save my day You’re my superstar Premiera singla "Superstar" 1 marca 2019 roku."
  • Superstar - Sons Of Thunder
    "No Hollywood glitter No Hollywood fame Everybody needs the truth And the truth is Christ That's right! Light becomes a shadow In the brightness of God The spotlight's on the Star And the Star is God Shine"
  • Superstar - Ja Rule
    "Here's a toast to living my life like a superstar Party over the night like a rock star And when we make love it's like a porn star And whenever I ball bitch I'm an all star I'm a superstar, Superstar,"

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