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Marquess - Arriba');

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Marquess - Arriba');
  • Marquess Real sensation
    "Bye! (Real sensation, babe If youre looking for a real sensation, babe, Ill be there) For 7 months I heard nothing but rumours about her Everybody said she was going to stay To start a new life, thats"
  • Marquess River
    "In a caramel boat you will sleep tonight - here is your river She took the car keys Said: "I am leaving" A new beginning Was born at dawn In dreams that we had We never saw that Two different souls Can"
  • Marquess Rose without a thorn
    "I don't want another day of someone feelin' sorry for me save your tears 'cause they won't help me now I don't need to hear you say that we can never be the same I got different plans so hear me out Faces,"
  • Marquess Secret
    "Do you see her? She is here C it's you friend Wants to be by your side When you feel so bad 'Cause he told you That he's gonna leave all behind All the love you had Makes you feel so sad How it hurts But"
  • Marquess She's too tall
    "She lives a lonely life, that?s full, Of traveling round the world She?s been just everywhere ? so cool Countries you?ve never heard She?s trying to find the shoe that fits But all she got is hurt Pain"
  • Marquess Shine on
    "You showed me how to walk You told me how to talk And on and on and on You made my day You took me to the top And told me not to stop And on and on and on I must believe The best inside of me Cant swim"
  • Marquess Shiva
    "Shiva - GOD Deepest love Sweetest life I live Destroy my mind Believe in my soul What you will find Will turn into gold I want you to dance My time won't run out I will take a bow I'm not gonna run Shiva"
  • Marquess Sleep baby
    "Sleep Baby my mind is all over you now I will turn good to evil I'm there to take care of you Sleep Baby my spirit ia all over you now don't be afraid I will ward aff the bad things from you and I will"
  • Marquess Something in my eyes
    "Chorus: Something in my Eyes that makes my Baby tell me Lies. Something in her Lies that makes me crazy. Something in her Eyes that shows me that she needs to do the Things be. Yesterday you met her. The"
  • Marquess Sorry, but i wonder
    "You spread your smile All over the town With eyes of gold When you?re gone Having fun I?m thinking of the 2 of us In our home All alone Don?t you think this could be dangerous? Sorry, but I wonder If you"

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