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Megustar Melo elo

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Megustar Melo elo
  • MeGustar Nie GUCZI
    "lubię kiedy wszytko proste jest gdy na wiosnę pięknie kwitnie bez lubie w tobie ten banalny styl proste włosy , papierosów dym lubię kiedy nosisz czarny jeans tę koszulkę z napisem pink lecz to wszytko"
  • Brian Melo All I Ever Wanted
    "Slow Down Make it last I'm having the time of my life And take your photograph I don't want to leave this behind what seems so out of reach we're holding it right in our hands Let's give up everything Let's"
  • Brian Melo Back to me
    "Into the darkness of the night Your shadow's almost real But I can't touch you anymore You've forgotten what to feel Your words are empty and your heart Isn't where it used to be I'm here staring into"
  • ELO Once Upon A Time
    "Meeting you in the park and talking in the pouring rain (oh what a time we had) Running home in the dark and pretending it was all a game (oh what a time) Those were the days, those were the days Memories"
  • ELO Mister Kingdom
    "Daylight comes to those who live, But those who die, they never see The sun come shining throught their windowpane They pass away. Silly girl, to be a fool, You didn't play the golden rule, 'Cause once"
  • ELO Nobody's Child
    "Painted lady, stop that closin' in on me, Painted lady, you're supposed to be a dream, Painted lady, you better stay away from me. Painted lady, why you loosenin' my tie? Painted lady, what's that twinkle"
  • ELO Illusions In G Major
    "On the seven seas, there was a phantom ship a-comin', Shinin' in the dead of night, I heard the crew a-hummin' Tunes that sounded like the Rolling Stones and Leonard Cohen. But they didn't know the words, So"
  • ELO Eldorado
    "Here it comes another lonely day Playing the game, I'll sail away On a voyage of no return to see If eternal life is meant to be And if I find the key to the eternal dream. The painted ladies of the Avalon Play"
  • ELO Here Is The News
    "Here is the news Coming to you every hour on the hour, (Here is the news) The weather's fine, but there may be a meteor shower. Here is the news, A cure's been found for good old rocket lag, (Here is"
  • ELO 21st Century Man
    "A penny in your pocket Suitcase in your hand They won't get you very far Now you're a 21st century man. Fly across the city Rise above the land You can do most anything Now you a 21st century man. Though"

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