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Naomi Shelton

  • Close To Your Head - Terra Naomi
    "Today Is A Very Special Day It Feels Like The Beginning Of Something More And We Are Standing On The Edge Of All That Weve Imagined In Lives Before Keep It Up The Stars Are Close To Your Head Now Its"
  • You For Me - Terra Naomi
    "I wanna make enough money To run my life From the top of a mountain In the dead of night Itll be you and me And a couple of dogs And the rest of the world Can just move on Cuz i got what i want And i got"
  • My One Night Stand - Terra Naomi
    "I watched you sleeping And I saw the very best in you And thats the reason I keep calling you the way that I do I know You said It was only A one night Thing But I guess It was more for me And Im"
  • The Vicodin Song - Terra Naomi
    "You can drive you can drive you can drive Down the 405 To the 101 to my house And these highways are in so many songs I couldn't count them all I tried So much sad history described in a ride And when"
  • Go Quietly - Terra Naomi
    "on the day you came to did you know you had come did you know why you came could you feel where you're from did you ask it out loud when no one could hear you did you cry all alone when everyone feared"
  • Misery - Terra Naomi
    "Wanna take it back The love that you gave to me so freely Well i won't try To keep you down to keep you down Just remember we all will land back on the same ground And the same old stars Will still be"
  • Aim To Please - Terra Naomi
    "How much fuel to feed this fire? How much water drowns my flame? I dont know how youre hanging on still Or how much longer youll remain You make it hard You make it hard You make it hard To doubt What"
  • Tonight - Terra Naomi
    "I am driving in a canyon Don't know where i'm going Don't know who i am Going with I made it easy to leave me Not knowing I made it easy to quit me I think that once you told me Once i tasted salty tears I'd"
  • No Reason - Terra Naomi
    "I'm loving you from a distant place Can't face you head on The sting of your smile across the frozen space When all familiar love is gone Well you gave in and i guess baby i gave out I see that i don't"
  • Bright Sunny Day - Terra Naomi
    "I spent friday night on my own Felt down didn't like being alone And i tried making it alright Oh, i tried making it alright I went to the market and then I thought i'd catch a movie at 10 And i tried"

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