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Otis Redding

  • Are You Lonely For Me Baby - Otis Redding
    "Oh, it's the last train, to Jacksonville, And I'm gonna get on it baby, you know I will Will you try, just come on and try To forget all the pain I brought you Come on and cry, go ahead and just cry I"
  • Bring It On Home To Me - Otis Redding
    "If you ever, change your mind About leaving, leavin' me behind Darling, bring it to me Bring your sweet lovin' Just bring it on home to me, yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) I'll give you jewellery,"
  • I Can't Turn You Loose - Otis Redding
    "(Huh)I cant turn you loose now If I do I'm gonna loose my life (Ooh)I can't turn you loose now If I do I'm gonna loose my life I can't turn you loose to nobody I love you baby, yes I do Give shakin' mama,"
  • Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - Otis Redding
    "Come in sister Papa's in the den Ain't too hip 'Bout that new breed dance It ain't no drag He's doing the jerk Don't play him cheap Papa's got a brand new bag You know he's not shy He's doing"
  • I've Got Dreams To Remember - Otis Redding
    "I've got dreams, dreams to remember I've got dreams, dreams to remember Honey, I saw you there last night Another man's arms holding you tight Nobody knows what I feeled inside All I know, I walked away"
  • You Made A Man Out Of Me - Otis Redding
    "You make a man just wanna change his mind Everything you do You sent me through, yes And I love you for it 'Cause you made a big ol' man, girl, out of me I can't explain, baby what you did for me now But"
  • Nobody's Fault But Mine - Otis Redding
    "I couldn't love you your way Yet and still But now I miss you Ain't nobody's fault but mine, ha, uh What will I do tomorrow Wallow But crying ain't gonna help Ain't nobody's fault but mine, gatta- One"
  • Thousand Miles Away - Otis Redding
    "You're a thousand miles away, yeah You're a thousand miles away, yeah Sure enough I need ya, honey What's mine, baby is yours I want you to have it honey Ooh, but you're a thousand Oooh, I can't give"
  • The Happy Song (Dum-Dum) - Otis Redding
    "Gonna sing this song y'all Singin' it for my baby She's the only one can bring me joy That's why I sing these happy songs They go dum, dum, deedle dee, dum dum Dum, dum, deedle dee, dum dum Dum, dum,"
  • Think About It - Otis Redding
    "Wait! Before you walk out that door Hang your clothes in the closet You're forgetting one thing I'm the one who saved you From a long lonely life I'm the one who gave you You're first taste to paradise Look"

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