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  • Idź na wybory! (Robert Telus temu sprzyja) - Utwór rapowy Komitetu Wyborczego PiS
    "Prawo I Sprawiedliwość TO JEST NAJWAZNIEJSZE ODDAMY DLA WAS WSZYTKO A już daliśmy serce kiedyś kradli ciągle i brali coraz więcej wybraliście mądrze 500+ macie w podzięce PiS i Cała Polska to wielka rodzina Polska"
  • Use My Third Arm - Pantera
    "Enlight your sense of thought, of touch, of real, a shield, An underground for this coward. Building a blood in water scent. It's like some raping, Without judgement. Boy in a pocket. Balls in a bag. Serve"
  • Throes Of Rejection - Pantera
    "This is feeding what I am. It's like salt poured into a deep, infected wound. It's the Type of pain you really dig and long for. I've always been Insecure to open up and show love. Some pretty girl with Long"
  • A New Level - Pantera
    "Now a new look in my eyes my spirit rise Forget the past Present tense works and lasts Got shit on Pissed on Spit on Stepped on Fucked with Pointed at by lesser men New life in place of old life Unscarred"
  • Fucking Hostile - Pantera
    "Almost every day I see the same face On broken picture tube It fits the attitude If you could see yourself You put you on a shelf Your verbal masturbate Promise to nauseate Today I'll play the part of"
  • Rise - Pantera
    "We've got no time to lose Your news is old news Hate this, hate me, hate this Right approach for the wrong It's time to spread the word Let the voice be heard All of us, one of us, all of us Dominate and"
  • No Good (Attack The Radical) - Pantera
    "In the states There's a problem with race Because of ignorant past burned fires From evolution We've been killing each other I figure man should have it down to a science No chance Not for a minute Not"
  • Live In A Hole - Pantera
    "Full of grief I scream at the wind Thought I heard the words of others Imprison myself And stay in a shell I won't let you in to have a story to tell Things tend to drag me down Don't understand so they"
  • Regular People (Conceit) - Pantera
    "I've trampled on that road That you think you own You have that "smart ass" attitude It's time to stop the fiction I live it every day While you're mind's far away I'm out here putting pride on the line And"
  • By Demons Be Driven - Pantera
    "Serving the faith Abduction the oath It lie in wait for the offering Religion is old For drawing the young Purity withers and dies Never return to the ones that provided Children draining parents of will I"

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