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Pencarian bocoran hk

  • Polska pogoda (prod. Stahu) - Skorup
    "Dzięki Majkel za fast trackera na dyskietce Czarna magia, ale trafiło w właściwe ręce Kilka miesięcy i słuchamy pierwszych własnych nagrań Jaramy się to proste jak dla Kaina zabić Abla Pierwsza miłość"
  • Murder Ink - Dr. Dre
    "(feat. Hitman & Ms. Roq) When darkness be closin in I'm motivated, with the howlin wind with a list of chosen men, frozen in sin Knowin that your end is beginnin Swift silent and deadly There's no defendin"
  • Lifestyles - E-40
    "Desperado always drinkin' out the bottle Young hyena with the HK hollow point staple spray Turf tight soil block warrior from the avenue Mean muggin' like I'm mad at you Boiler make Baker's whiskey mixed"
  • Trespass - Ice Cube
    "How many bullets can your back hold, suckin from the HK The red dot's on your dome, from the light ray Boom bam bust oh shit kid, your head is a pile of puss I'm kickin up much dust, the nigga ya can't"
  • Keep It Gangsta - Young Jeezy
    "CHEAAA, AYEEE You niggas doing way too much nigga. You tryin to bite my style, steal my swag. You wanna know how to do it I'll give you the recipe. Let's go. I keep it gangsta and they love dat shit "
  • Grown Shit - Mac Dre
    "(intro) Yep, Yea, Yep, Yea, Yep Dont stop won't stop won't quit Never could never would Mac Dre back wit some more shit You know (yadida mean, yadida mean) Come on man (verse 1) I'm a rap matic track addict And"
  • Real - Z-RO
    "Come with me, ain't nothing changed I'm the same old G Seem like it's my to shine, like the diamond cut in my grill La da da da da, I'm real You can catch me flipping, and sipping and smoking Up in"
  • So Much - Z-RO
    "Lately I've been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter So when I say my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir My every thought is pain, strain and stressing me to death Everyday is"
  • Retaliation Is A Must - Bun B
    "Hold up, Mddl Fngz up Pussy Ass Niggas Down nigga Htown texas stand up Southwest, sunnyside, PA we up in here baby Holla, know'm talking bout (Bun B) Say, Nigga u can't run, nigga u can't hide"
  • Number 1 With A Bullet - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "(Kool G. Rap) The last time I caught a body it was recent Gimme a HK, four banana clips, and I'll take on a precinct Yeah, the murder rate is on the rise, with niggaz like me steady poppin niggaz are droppin"

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