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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania

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Phoenix vs. Kavinsky - Night Mania
  • Ace Troubleshooter Phoenix
    "So this is what I become When You leave me to myself A burned up, hollow, angry, empty shell An actor on a barren stage An even-keel with unchanneled rage Sinking deeper into hell Bind me to You Piece"
  • Covenant Phoenix
    "I'm lost to the world soon to be forgottenLiving in the shadows, searching for beliefBut my anger is gone and the anvil is brokenThe pieces on the ground melting in the silenceI keep my head above the"
  • Typecast Phoenix
    "i'll rise above the clouds your voice kept me alive i'll spread my wings and fly i've returned for you again my love i've kept all that i've gained your smile and how your eyes shine am i strong enough"
  • Tear Garden Phoenix
    "Hit "rewind" You sit surrounded by a frame Your laugh infectious Hair in flames Your star was lonely But it lives And we don't have the time for tears A step beyond Deep in the corner of my eye I swear"
  • Decoded Feedback Phoenix
    "Here I am again Flying free and powerful Eternal and legendary Eternal I am Burning with passion and life I am reborn How long before I collapse in ashes How long, How long Here I am again Flying free"
  • Unheilig Phoenix
    "Wunderlich und wandelbar Ist das Leben Tag fr Tag Garantien gibt es keine Gestern nicht und heute Immer wieder Neues sehen Ist ein Fluch und gleichwohl Segen Hab das Vergangene nicht vergessen Dennoch"
  • Veil of Maya Phoenix
    "I've held it in my hands (x2) My dismembered soul reassembles I've held it in my hands (x2) My dismembered soul reassembles My dismembered soul Take shape of which you desire Evil lingers within each"
  • Evidence One Trust vs. Heart
    "Day after day, a sunset away, the sunshine In your eyes, your empty eyes All I know, all I had Night after night, the hours we spent, the laughter And the tears, your frozen tears Day after day, a"
  • Suicidal Tendencies Love Vs. Loneliness
    "How can you love someone If you think that you're no one When you mistreat yourself, and think it's all you deserve Cause it's so hard to care Is this or is it loneliness? How can you demand respect -"
  • Gilberto Bebel Blackbirds -Vs- Crows
    "Stormbirds drifting on a pool at rest Then come waves they just can't crest Once they're in the air it's a search for kill Thinking if I don't do it someone else will Till the war mandate's fulfilled Whoa,"

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