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  • Autumn's Ablaze - Primordial
    "And so it seems I am unbound in my misery Drunk in my sobriety ...and twisted animosiety The private moments of man Are rarely ever seen Yet, autumn gathers me up And sheds me in her leaves Falling takes"
  • Glorious Dawn - Primordial
    "For those who may Rise As a Phoenix from the Ashes For those who may Devour The Fruits of Knowledge For those who coil Serpent like, with cyclical Grace ...For those as Wolves among Sheep who Sharpen"
  • Graven Idol - Primordial
    "Her scent comes to me As the night breathes Her countenance grave A waxed pallor, that lays every tomb open to the sky So she sees and ever watches The stars revolve and dance for her A velvet dream of"
  • Here I Am King - Primordial
    "What am I but a thorn in your side? Frost in summer, to chill your heart A drifting memory of autumn decay A shadowed soul in a fetter of light An abyssic voice in purile mind... a fallen one Wandering"
  • Infernal Summer - Primordial
    "Her skin, so pale... shrouded in black I drew down the veil, I wanted her back I am at one with what never lived I'll draw down the veil, and offer up what I have to give... Shall you try and poison my"
  • Journey's End - Primordial
    "Shafts of morning dew, fade to dusk Fires in the distance, make shadows dance Under this Blood Red Sky, a million martyrs died And beneath the pale moon's face They shall Again Arise... Some things are"
  • Let the Sun Set on Life Forever - Primordial
    "Dawn's cold passion filters through the trees In darkness I showed you ecstacy In darkness I took you from this world Light shall never fall upon your face again From spring I've waited for this winter's"
  • Mealltach - Primordial
    "Drifting in dreams of memory past To pray to never wake Or return to spiritless cages That held me once before So mant seasons I've seen A heart as winter's cold... To melt in a summer's passion To forge"
  • Solitary Mourner - Primordial
    "And so the rain kept on falling Still a solitary mourner stands Beneath the sorrowed eaves Among the rotting autumn leaves And watches over you All the flowers laid Have long since bowed their heads And"
  • The Burning Season - Primordial
    "Bring the women and children before me Let us make rivers of their blood Bleed for me...I wish it so and streams shall meet such rivers and seaward they shall flow See the shoreline scattered with"

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