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Propaganda rządowa łooo łooo

  • No More Propaganda! - Clit 45
    "no more empty pride no more fucking lies no more stupid ties NO! no more politics no more to classify no more and justify NO! screaming fucking up but we wont listen anyway we aint your fucking sheep roaming"
  • Antichristian War Propaganda - Lux Ferre
    "Destroy, erase, eliminate Obliterate, devastate, annihilate Kill, slay, murder, execute Reduce to nothing the christian filth Antichristian War Propaganda The Absolute is here to declare War We follow"
  • Pre-Teen Propaganda - Lightyear
    "The right To learn Ability Was pushed Aside In front Of me An education thought before its time A compromise of see-through truth A controlled thought, no room for growth Well I stood there, now I"
  • Properties Of Propaganda - Fishbone
    "(fuk this shit on up) Best to bust the dust Of a flour to powder the crust A grain of sand and a gust of wind To stir my stomach And a ground swell to shake The all that it must take To break the headache In"
  • Enslaved By Propaganda - Terrorizer
    "Entrapment by society corporation propagandist Money making gain for power gimmicks and lies slaves to the system Why? Irresistible Break down system to the game the economy suffers Third world nations suffer"
  • Propaganda Of Dance - Kurhaus
    "dance, dance like we could still change the world with the power of conviction like everything would still matter - like it would dance, dance like there was no tomorrow for indeed there won't if we refuse"
  • Nothin But Propaganda - Headcharger
    "Have always created news Not only reported Choose which story to cover Which one to ignore The way to deal with it Is chosen under pressure Justify their actions Keep people under control Freedom"
  • Gothic Lolita Propaganda - Yousei Teikoku
    "bara no kaoru kara hitsu ni ima mo shizuka ni nemuru shikkoku no kokoro hanachi me same tsugeru choushou suisho u no hitomi ga utsusu ha sari shi hibi no a da yume touki no hada ni ukabu ha mune o kizamu"
  • Propaganda (Sepultura Cover Live) - God Forbid
    "Why don't you get a life and grow up? Why don't you realise that you're fucked up? Why criticize what you don't understand? Why change my words? You're so afraid You think you have the right to put me"
  • Satanic Propaganda (S.N.T.F. Rising) - Diabolos Rising
    "Your God is dead You were never saved Just cleverly trapped Your God is dead There's no heaven and Hell Your priests are deceiving you Your God is dead Your divine holy bible is a book filled with lies Your"

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