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  • Bill Hughes Martin Eden
    "He was just a young sailor in old California Wild as the wind,stormy as the sea And he was a man of his own creation Till he found fortune lady of high society And now your whole world`s turning"
  • The Twilight Singers Martin Ededn
    "black out the windows it's party time you know how i love stormy weather the crowd wants you bleeding the eyes from your head get off your knees you'll be fine- how wide? how deep the river? black- as"
  • Ralph McTell Song for Martin
    "Don't leave Martin alone tonight Just because he looks all right I've seen him look like this before And if he says he wants to be alone At least try to walk with him home See if you can put your"
  • Spirit Of The West Waiting For Martin
    "I'm waiting for Martin, in a theatre that's darkened I found a secret box in Christchruch Bought a new pen making sure that it works He lives in two flats that stand back to back From here rang the bells"
  • EPMD The Steve Martin
    "Sick em champ... Well I have a new dance, that you all must learn You may have seen the Pee-Wee Herman but it's had it's turn Now this brand new dance, I know you not with it You might break your neck,"
  • Marvin Gaye Abraham, Martin, John
    "Has any body here, Seen my old friend Abraham, Can you tell me, where he's gone. He freed a lot of people, but it seems the Good die young I just looked around, And he was gone. Has anybody here, Seen"
  • Strays Don't Sleep Martin Luther Ave
    "Somewhere there's a little girl cryin' Somewhere there's an old man dyin' Somewhere there's a last hope tryin' To move and find it's way through the dark Ya gotta take it all while you can Anytime, anywhere"
  • Bruce Springsteen Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own
    "Well look out mama, your little girl she has changed She cut her baby curls and she's got her act rearranged Well look out daddy, what she needs now she can't find at home Oh Ricky wants a man of her She"
  • Cledus T. Judd Ricky Tidwell's Mama Is Gonna Play Football
    "(Tim Wilson/Dean Daugherty) Timothy Wilson Music (BMI)/Admin. by Copyright International/Lowery Music (BMI) Tim Wilson lyrics Ricky Tidwell was a great athlete He was a big strong boy that was quick"
  • Kylie Minogue Aston Martin (Let's Go)
    "24 hour sunset, I got a tank of gas and... All the things I can do when driving with you in my Aston (Oh oh oh oh!) It's a perfect chance (oh oh oh oh!) For some romance (oh oho oh oh!) With a little"

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