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Redman Cant Wait clean

  • So Clean, So Empty - Septic Flesh
    "You come to me as the flies to the spider blinded from my intellectual darkening Try to move in the holographic image of choice and I'll project you one of my corridors The cobweb is so carefully woven That"
  • Clean - Hey Violet
    "i was hooked on you couldn’t get you out of my veins every day on you serotonin toxic I crave half my shit was over at your place and I am pretty sure our friends are all the same oh god breakups get"
  • Clean - Petra
    "Words and music by Bob Hartman Based on 1 John 1:9, John 15:3 You may see me stumble, you may see might fall You may see me cornered with my back against the wall Maybe incognito, maybe out to lunch"
  • Clean - Converge
    "Clean The cleanest I've been An end to the tears And the in-between years And the troubles I've seen Now that I'm clean You know what I mean I've broken my fall Put an end to it all I've changed"
  • Clean - Fading Colours
    "clean the cleanest i've been an end to the tears and the inbetween years and the troubles i've seen now that i'm clean you know what i mean i've broken my fall put an end to it all i've changed my routine now"
  • Clean - Tweenies
    "It's fun to play With your friends everyday, You want to make it last forever But keep in your head What the tweenies said Then we?ll all play safe together Yes! We?ll all play safe together Clean! Clean!"
  • Clean - unloco
    "Use me as much as you can Cause you've never been More than a friend Cause I try to push you away And make myself clean And forget you hurt me CLEAN I don't want to be I don't need to be I don't want"
  • Clean - Incubus
    "Today, everything was fine fine fine Until roundabout quarter to 9, suddenly I found myself in a bind, a bind Was it something I said Something I read And manifest that's getting you down Don't you dare"
  • Clean - Sneaker Pimps
    "( Tesko Suicide EP ) I had a dream Last night They came into my arms And i held you so tight The sky was black And in the streets I watched a thousand babies burn How can I get myself, get myself clean I"
  • Clean - Smalltown Poets
    "Clothed In the common and profane And the tendency for independence Runs through every vein Self aware Bare before You at the waterside Afraid to take the step into the tide Oh, I feel so obscene Knowing"

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