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  • Ariel Pink Politely Declined
    "if you ask me to call one more time i will be forced to ignore your pressure violently i guess there's no use ... ... ... and i'll politely decline i'll put an end to your worry ... again, i'll politely"
  • Ariel Pink Inmates Of Heartache
    "do the words you are gold mean anything to you let them ring on and let's not talk at all let's leave it there and move on hey what's wrong do the words the end mean anything to you inmates of heartache"
  • Ariel Pink Fantasm
    "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Old food on the floor He bids you well on your subscriptions Lesson learned, forgot who called Remove the voice that cuts the air And while sister brews the tea You"
  • Ariel Pink He's Good (Unfinished)
    "he's sitting down behind her i see him with that anger attends the family functions talks to himself, restraining eruption "i hate you mom, i hate you dad i hate myself, ..." he's good, yeah he's good 'cause"
  • Ariel Pink Something Isn't Something
    "If I told you that something was wrong and you know And you ask me what is wrong I don't know But if something isn't something is nothing? Well if something isn't something is it nothing? Now I've written"
  • Ariel Pink The Ballad Of Bobby Pyn
    "i hate, i hate open wide spent too much time looking for the right words here i come, open wide yeah, i'll mess up your mind listen to me, bully listen to me that- i know everything about hate i"
  • Ariel Pink Don't Think Twice (Love)
    "Don't think twice, my love I'm not like my love I'm unkind to you All the time So tell me, here you are Cry, my love Do you wanna hear me hear you say yes? Oh, yeah Do you wanna hear me hear you say yes?"
  • Ariel Pink Crying
    "cryin' to save a world that's dyin' i'm cryin' so lay the plans if you've got 'em never let 'em touch you, no don't go i'm lyin' touch me and i'll touch you first no, now you', now you're cryin' to make"
  • Ariel Pink Let's Build a Campfire There
    "Red woods are passing along When I am closed in the dark The air is cold and this (expression's) old When the flowers really aren't all there Let's make a campfire there (x4) Let's put some wood on"
  • Ariel Pink Twenty Two Eyes
    "i'm taking my time but i can't wait i'm walking outside but i'm running away snuck out the door but she's all ready to hide running from the girl with twenty-two eyes (x3) hiding in the door, there ain't"

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