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Shed Seven Speakeasy

  • Seven - Fever Ray
    "I've got a friend who I've known since I was seven We use to talk on the phone, if we have time, if it's the right time Accompany me by the kitchen sink We talk about love, we talk about dishwasher tablets,"
  • Seven - Hunter
    "Sleep my baby..... dream ......a peaceful dreamIt will protect you from your Evil...At night You are where each day is...Hush.... hush...hush... ... the party won't crush...The dawn tears you apart,releases"
  • Seven - Revis
    "It's all over It's all over now The seal is broken Creatures spoken now I hope you come up to heaven right now It's all over It's all over now Can I be changed? Or am I the same It's all over It's all"
  • Seven - The Connells
    "My brother told me What had happened on that day. Although I knew, The feeling did not hit me right away. Then I fell asleep into a dream and thought that it was real. And I knew that it was alright,"
  • Seven - Kamerzysta
    "robię se w banku przelew inni mi proszą „przelej” moje życiowe cele, to dla nich Mont Everest wiozą mnie nowe fele co będzie jutro – nie wiem życie mam jak made in heaven jestem jak liczba seven w modzie"
  • Seven - Play
    "Mmmm mmm.. oOoOHh.. mm mmm I got a letter, story of frustration I got a number, counting complications Its got me running from my situation Blame it on my own imagination (roll the dice) And tell it"
  • Seven - Quietdrive
    "Yesterday I spent all my time Thinking of raising myself Forever even with you Now I'm just wasting all this energy Making sure you're not to blame Never cursing you All the people you Put to shame"
  • Seven - James
    "----------------------------------------------------Blow me awayWas that love you declaredOnly a word love can mean anythingUnderstand the world we're livin inOceans apartWhat's that view from your wayBeautiful"
  • Seven - 10 Years
    "Lapse in life I cannot lie Compels me to wonder why Valid try is so far from divine See you running (See you running) The only way to fall is down Strive to beat what eats within Go ahead and drown the"
  • Seven - East West
    "Walk the gauntlet of lies. Who will it be today... Secrets of this place, never knowing... Follow the ones that consume, becoming just like them. Fade away among the crowds, again. And I can read the"

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