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Soja changes

  • Changes - Maggie Reilly
    "Dawn in a distant city I'm wondering where you are today Here in my waken dreams So far away Lovers walk hand in hand Under an early morning sky Reminding me where we've been Sometime gone by The miles"
  • Changes - Level 42
    "Let faith be my shield, and let joy be my steed 'gainst the dragons of anger, the ogres of greed and let me set free with the sword of my youth from the castle of darkness, the power of the truth I've"
  • Changes - Shrek
    "Oh yeahMmStill don't know what I was looking forAnd my time was running wildA million dead-end streets andEvery time I thought I'd got it madeIt seemed the taste was not so sweetSo I turned myself to face"
  • Changes - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) How can you put me through these changes Why do you do me like you do It ain't no way I love-a-dee love nobody but you Let him go out and get with strangers Don't you turn my love to hate Ain't"
  • Changes - Anything Box
    "Anything Box The Diary: Page One Changes (claude s.) Different words upon the Page, written faithfully like Yesterday. I'm still thinking of a past. Just how long does this expect To last? I was once"
  • Changes - Tucker Tanya
    "Neither one of us will ever change,We're both the same, and that's a shame,'Cause when we were together it was right,We had it all, you and I,Your not changin' me, and I'm not changin' you,The only change"
  • Changes - Profyle
    "Tried ta treat chu right But it seems your never satisfied I tried to give you my all But it seems no matter what i could not give enough All you do is complain All the time and its drivin me insane You"
  • Changes - TLC
    "Society of soul & t-boz (appears on the album brainchild) Yea sleepy brown What's here... What's here... Check it out (unh) If I were u and u were me Would u like what you see (ha, yea) And tell me why"
  • Changes - Base Ball Bear
    "nani ka ga kawaru kigashita nani mo kawaranu asa ni itsu mo yori sukoshi ii mezamedatta tsurara no you ni sasatta dare ka no waraigoe ga tokete haru ga ibuku hito sashiyubi de sashimesu no wa mirai kimi"
  • Changes - Tanya Tucker
    "Neither one of us will ever change, We're both the same, and that's a shame, 'Cause when we were together it was right, We had it all, you and I, Your not changin' me, and I'm not changin' you, The only"

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