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  • Dry Land - Buffalo Tom
    "She comes to me In her prewashed bright blue jeans Bag sewn tightly Pursed lips are kissing me Back up to college Just a few miles down the road And we remember Something we've never been told Come up"
  • Riverbed Dry - Everything But The Girl
    "Conspired again your protest in vain that you'll never feel that way again. Despair and desire are both hard to sustain you'll never sink this low again. Bitter as children we are now too much of the"
  • Dry Lightning - Bruce Springsteen
    "I threw my robe on in the morning Watched the ring on the stove turn red Stared hypnotized into a cup of coffee Pulled on my boots and made the bed Screen door hangin' off its hinges Kept bangin' me awake"
  • Sucker & Dry - Cursive
    "Everything is all right here, All clear, get yourself another We'll stay up all night And toast to friends we never had. Stranger angels have snuck around this table But they disappear So how did we end"
  • Dry Land - Joan Armatrading
    "Let me sail to the depths of your soul Let me anchor as near as I can be to your shore I'm coming into dry land Been a long time at sea And the season of loving Has long awaited me Tides and waves"
  • Dry Town - Miranda Lambert
    "Well the road was hot and flat as a ruler Good hundred miles between me and Missoula That vinyl top wasn't gettin' no cooler I stopped at a Quickie Sack Well I figured I'd need about a six of Miller And"
  • Dry Acoustic - Feeder
    "Trying hard to face another day No more left to give, nothing left to break Melting in the sun, breathing in the day Falling into love and climbing out again There's nowhere left to run No more tears"
  • Always Dry - Bill Nye
    "There are places on this here planet Where you have to be alert When you go there you have to plan it I'm talking about the desert There is little rain or snow You might ask yourself why Something you"
  • Dry County - Jon Bon Jovi
    "Across the border they turn Water into wine. Some say its the devils blood Theyre squeezing from the vine Some say its a saviour. In these hard and desperate times Seeing it helps me to forget That were"
  • Dry Country - Bon Jovi
    "Across the border they turn Water into wine Some say its the devils blood Theyre squeezing from the vine Some say its a saviour In these hard and desperate times For me it helps me to forget That were"

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