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Telephone elo

  • Royal Telephone - Charlie Landsborough
    "Telephone to glory oh what joy devine I can feel the current moving down the line Made by God the Father for his very own You can talk to Jesus on this Royal Telephone Central's never busy always on"
  • Telephone Boy - Lolly
    "hum ha hum hum, hum ha hum ha hum ha hum ha (etc) oh pick up the phone, pick up the phone i'm waiting, argh, hello, pick up the phone i ring and ring but can't get through what's a girl supposed to do my"
  • Telephone numbers - UK Subs
    "I tried to get you on the telephone But all day long got your number wrong Then I remembered that I wrote it on the shirt But I went and got it dirty when I fell in the dirt Telephone numbers Getting me"
  • Telephone Mama - Gazebo
    "I lived my life on a razor blade Never found escape in my empty shade Till came one day when the c.i.a Said we need you bad down in leningrad I took my life of a legal alien A "bolivian dancer" that's"
  • Neon Telephone - Prince
    "Maybe she'll call me (Neon telephone) Maybe she won't (Maybe she won't) And if she don't (Neon telephone) I'm gonna lose my mind (This time I'm gonna lose my mind) It's kinda dark in here (Neon telephone) I"
  • Princess Telephone - Dalbello
    ""Bet she's a secret admirer of Lady Godiva She'd strip at the flip of a hat" "You know they cancelled her charge account Whaddya think of that?" She felt the alienation from her friends and relations So"
  • Telephone Exchange - Angel
    "I tried to call your number, But there's just no answer. Maybe there's no one there at all. I wait to hear from you, But it's just no use. So I'll try again tomorrow. Over again, as time passes by. Chorus: Telephone"
  • Telephone lines - Sheena Easton
    "I've had enough of your telephone lines, I don't hear the truth in your voice There's no affection, just static connection, so I've made the choice Chorus: I'm gonna start hangin' up, I'm tired of your"
  • Telephone Line - Nahuelfunk
    "Hello, how are you? Have you been alright, Through all the lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely nights, That's what I'd say, I'd tell you everything, If you'd pick up that telephone Hey, how you feelin'? Are"
  • Telephone X - Texas
    "I see your hands they're on me Just when you say hello You see your words they drown me Then there's a warmth below My body and soul are feeling fine And my body and soul, just killing time When you"

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