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The Cab - Lock Me Up

  • Call A Cab (Interlude) - Case
    "Yo what's up? (What's up?) What'cha doing? (Chilling?) Who over there? (Why yo?) I'm saying cause I'm asking you Who over there? (Just me and my friends we just chilling) (Ya know what I'm saying) What"
  • Lock, step, & gone - Rancid
    "The ending isn't here There's somethin' wrong But it's comin' real soon I lock step, I'm gone I said the feeling isn't fear There's something wrong It's just telling you to move I lock step, I'm gone There's"
  • Lock And Key - Julia Fordham
    "When there's comfort in pleasure and pleasure in pain And I'm wondering if I'll see you again No tangled emotions dragging us down And the texture of your voice the sweetest sound I'm gonna wrap you up"
  • Lock u down - Mya
    "(feat. Lil Wayne) Yeah, uh huhYeah, sirWhat it is?See this right here is automatic man, understand thatSee what you know bout Scott Storch got torchAnd Weezy F got fiyah, yesAnd we bringin' back Ms. Mya,"
  • Lock and kay - Rush
    "I don't want to face the killer instinct - Face it in you or me We carry a sensitive cargo Below the waterline - Ticking like a time bomb With a primitive design Behind the finer feelings - This civilized"
  • Lock And Load - Bob Seger
    "Well I wish I had a nickel For every time I fell and blamed somebody else I'd give a ton of money to the ones I've hurt And I'd still be sittin' pretty well I've spent years losin' touch of what's"
  • Lock You Out - Angelas Dish
    "I thought the other day of how we used to kiss To be honest girl it nearly made me sick It's not because i hate you or i want you to die But i dragged this out when i should've said goodbye You say "let's"
  • Lock your door - Lydia Lunch
    "I would not like to not know lock your door I would not like to not know lock your door Shut up and die I wish it was me prisoner of my own demise Kiss the bride and make her cry roll over and die bye"
  • Lock and Key - Mason Proper
    "We saw the sun was going down through the iron bar spiderwebs they turned the key but we were already dead we were already stone dead We are the wind tonight blowing up blowing down blowing left and right shake"
  • Streets on Lock - Mr. 3-2
    "(*talking*) Uh-huh uh, yeah-yeah (Mr. 3-2) Mafia boss, I tolerate no loss You heard it from Mr. 3-2, Governor of the South Blood in blood out, connected affiliated G-O-V and Mike D, underground mob related Mafia"

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