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  • Mockingbird - Darius
    "He tells you when He tells you why He tells you wherefore What to do and how it's done And how to be for him It's all about control It's all about control You're his life You're his strength But he's your"
  • Secret Song - Darius
    "If I was a tear I'd be born in your eye I'd live on your cheek and then I would Die on your lips Take me to the place Where I don't know If my heart beats Cause the only things I hear Are the secrets that"
  • Big Feather Bed - Darius
    "Come rest a while, rest a while Let it all go Don't turn away Come and lay down your head Just talk a while to my sweet talking pillow There's room for you girl in my big feather bed 7am I'm watching"
  • Darius's Farewell - Darius
    "Sometimes You try hard but your efforts seem swallowed At the right time A talent shines and it fills this hollow Laugh when you're winning, smile when you're down We've learned from this, I've learned"
  • Don't Forget To Breathe - Darius
    "You can't go on, be just as happy You're confused Gotta get out of here Wanna just disappear and start anew It's them who's wrong Just can't see the girl inside So when you feel down and out Baby just"
  • Faith In Me - Darius
    "I hit you from the screen You're hanging with the crowd Now tell me are you big enough And are you really making out ? Its written in the Sun Read it in the stars on Sunday You don't know Monday who you"
  • Fragile - Darius
    "Empty moonlight, heavy moon Puts the sun to bed too soon Hungry half truth overflows Betrays the silver ring she chose Encouraged kisses, teasing touch Kills a thirst to yearn this much A bliss abandoned,"
  • Freefall - Darius
    "Never thought I'd ever leave you You used to say to me We were meant to be Never thought that I could leave you It seemed a little wrong We'd been there so long And I found a new direction I let go I"
  • I Would Die For You - Darius
    "I wanna be there when you're out on the edge And start to sweat And lose your head I know you've never been here before But I wanna see more Do you wanna see more ? When I've been there when you're ready"
  • Let There Be Love - Darius
    "Let there be you Let there be me Let there be oysters Under the sea Let there be wind An occasional rain Chilli con carne Sparkling champagne Let there be birds To sing in the trees Someone to bless"

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