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Uriah Heep BEEN HURT vocals John Lawton

  • John Sinclair - John Lennon
    "It ain't fair, John Sinclair In the stir of breathing air Won't you care for John Sinclair? In the stair of breathing air. Let him be, set him free Let him be like you and me. They give him ten for two What"
  • Can't Hurt My Style - Cam'ron
    "Hook: Y'all little dudes couldn't hurt my style And you got birds, it'll make it worth my while And I mean-mug cuz you don't deserve my smile so Been into plenty drama Flame it like Benihana's Y'all little"
  • I've Been Loving You - Elton John
    "Written by Elton John Released as a UK single in 1968 I didn't mean to hurt you You know it's just my way Those things that I said yesterday Were things I shouldn't say Although you're blue Just one thing"
  • John Madden 2000 Theme - Ludacris
    "Maaaaaaaaan, get out my way and watch out as I come through Bustin' in your line, crackin' helmets in two I bring the pain, so what'cha gone do? Stand there and just get shook out your shoes So clean out"
  • Black Clouds (Guest Vocals Rob Vitale) - Stretch Arm Strong
    "Well here you are. (well here you are) Same story all over again. You're wondering why. (you're wondering why) You don't even know where you've been. Sitting all alone now. Those walls keep closing in."
  • Hurt Me - Kerli
    "So full of rage The human race Hold me while I'm falling down Rearrange what you have found Hurt me You see me crawling on the floor Is that what you've been longing for? Hurt me Is this enough? Do"
  • The Hurt - Cat Stevens
    "You say you want to seek the truth, but it's hard to find No one to help you, your friends don't have the time So you ride around in your car. switch on the radio You want to relate to something you once"
  • Hurt you - The Sounds
    "Don't want hurt youTry not to mess with your feelingsIt's just a matter of trust, for us, for lustDon't want hurt youTry not to fuck with your feelingsIt's just a matter of trust, for us, for lustYou should"
  • Hurt Feelings - Flight Of The Conchords
    "Some people say that rappers dont have feelings We have feelings. (We have feelings) Some people say that we are not rappers. (Were rappers.) That hurts our feelings. (Hurts our feelings when you say were"
  • Deepest hurt - Shola Ama
    "VERSE 1 (Uummm yeah) (Uummmm yeah) There was a time when I adored you But I was too blind in love to see That it wasn't we, it was only me Giving in to every word that you said BREAK I'm loving you, but"

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