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Victoria kern

  • Dreamed Victoria - Paul Gilbert
    "When the world has got me down And there's no one else around Closed my eyes and thought I saw you Will you hear me when I call your name Yesterday I would say That I dreamed Victoria Is she real, I don't"
  • Vincent & Victoria - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "Vincent & Victoria Vincent and Victoria Won't come home today NY Waldorf Astoria On the roof they sway Life falls into oblivion Their fear is far away And the wind blows down 5th Avenue Together they"
  • Queen Victoria - Leonard Cohen
    "Queen Victoria, My father and all his tobacco loved you, I love you too in all your forms, the slim and lovely virgin floating among German beer, the mean governess of the huge pink maps, the solitary"
  • Mrs Victoria - Warlord
    "As I laid my head to rest, my grandmother she said. I have for you a fairy tale of a friend I knew so well. The story that I tell you, is as close as you can feel. So close your eyes and go to sleep,"
  • Victoria Sage - Jack Bruce
    "Lost streets where sun once watched Us out on the road We had to leave our place to seek The town where money never frowned... We waited longest When the trains and buses Promised they would come To the"
  • Primo Victoria - Sabaton
    "Through the gates of hell As we make our way to heaven Through the nazi lines Primo victoria We've been training for years Now we're ready to strike As the great operation begins We're the first wave"
  • Victoria Gardens - Madness
    "You're looking and listening and hoping that things are changing for the better You're trying to see if what you're teaching is the truth sir You're looking and listening and hoping that things will change"
  • Victoria Iceberg - Bear Vs. Shark
    "a quicksilver tiger through shopping carts. a moment of panic from when I came out this is a fraction a piece of the truth a justified action for reason of proof come out if you want to step into the"
  • Tengo La Victoria - Witt Marcos
    "Quiero decirte algo nuevo Que ha sucedido en m Desde que llegó el Seor Mi vida la transformó Lo viejo ya pasó Lo nuevo l me dio l es fiel a su promesa La vida l me dio No me imagin ser tan feliz El cambio"
  • Point Blank, Victoria - Ten Second Epic
    "Hold on, my dear, it paces through the underground, but downtown sound is all the rage; My love, stay clear, warm nights, with a torrent flow, hold the floodgates back, pierce emotional The hardest"

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