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Zabior������ ci������ superhero Viki Gabor

  • Superhero - Onelinedrawing
    "When you mix someone into a superhero Know that they will fly And they will see right through you They will burn so bright That they will make you blind Yeah, They will make you blind If heaven will have"
  • Superhero - Banaroo
    "Ill be your superhero Ill will never let u down I ll be there when u need me call me I ll always be around Verse one beneath my wings rest your head I will cover you If your lost and alone I will rescue"
  • Superhero - Stereo Fuse
    "Oh why can't you understand I want to be just like superman I want to fly so high up in the sky be immortal never gonna die I wanna be a super hero i wanna fly so high I wanna be a super hero be immortal"
  • Superhero - Donots
    "Stuck between the cheapest thrills tonight Hello, what's up, good-bye Everyone's cool but nothing feels allright Until I finally get you on the phone To tell you that I'm feeling down "chorus": My Hero,"
  • Superhero - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Alright lee, i'm just chillin down Shaftsbury, got the gold, catch u later...PsychDont go, busting my ballsOr Ill smash your brain all over the wallsIts the chain, and we cant refrainYoure out of your"
  • Not Gonna Get It - Viki Gabor
    "That our love is gone And this is that you can’t control So it’s why you want me so close then That I am one in a milion That you left Slipt throught your hands So i can’t let you go close again It’s"
  • Time - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "Reaching my limit for the night Your touch is keeping me alive We can keep it on the low I’m like no one you’ve ever known When you gone read between the lines take me way up I don’t need no reason wanna"
  • Everyday Superhero - Smash Mouth
    "Every morning I wake up just the same Another victim of ordinary fame I don't see myself as invincible It's not true at all I'm just your average ordinary everyday superhero Trying to save the world, but"
  • Superhero Thing - Alien Intelect
    "Alien Intelect Miscellaneous Superhero Thing -chorus- It's a superhero thing Never lose they always win It's a superhero thing No matter what jam they're in -verse1- The x-men and all their friends"
  • Newest Superhero - My Friend Steve
    "You're playing with the newest superhero that I have found He can hold his breath longer than Aquaman He's more beautiful than Superman Hey, I can change the world Hey, I can change the world How quickly"

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