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  • So Far Away From L.A. - Nicolas Peyrac
    "Quelques lueurs d'aroport, L'trange fille aux cheveux d'or, Dans ma mmoire, trane encore. C'est l'hiver San Francisco Mais il ne tombe jamais d'eau Aux confins du Colorado Et le Golden Gate s'endort Sur"
  • Is He Alive - Rednex
    "Come to me... Is he alive Is he alive Is it wrong or right That in a mine in a mine he hides As a little little girl, I by mummy mummy heard There's a tale to fear about a maniac out there Playing"
  • Three States Away - Diesel Boy
    "seeing you again was blinding like a match in a room with no light a sulfur blast then a slow burn champagne in bed just me you and the bottle and sublime as we ride through your town with the bass turned"
  • The Ocean Is A Fuck Of A Long Way To Swim - Amazing Transparent Man
    "Now you say you're going away, leaving on a plane But your memory remains Our only contact is this telephone These phone lines where I keep my home Are driving me insane The ocean is a fuck of a long"
  • Bullet In The Head - Rage Against the Machine
    "This time the bullet cold rocked ya A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika Nothin' proper about ya propaganda Fools follow rules when the set commands ya Said it was blue When ya blood was read That's how"
  • Gun-Low-Stance - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: Gun-Low Stance Typed by: Knowledge God (Intro: Elegents 'Little Star' sample) Where are you 'Little Star'? (Where are you?) Whoah oh,"
  • Chains - Teena Marie
    "Oh, I'm a prisoner in cell block Y O U I can't escape and I don't know what to do You treat me bad but my love keeps growing stronger Can't turn away and I can't hold out any longer Chains, my baby's"
  • Nice To Be Out - Stereophonics
    "He asked me "so where have you been?" Let me think now let me see. I stood once where Hitler's feet had stood when he made his speech in Nuremburg in '38 he tried to build the perfect race, he said "black"
  • Night train - Bruce Cockburn
    "Not a knife throw from here you can hear the night train passing thats the sound somebody makes when they're getting away leaving next weeks hanging jury far behind them prisoner only of the choices they"
  • Good Morning Judge - 10CC
    "Well good morning Judge, how are you today I'm in trouble, please put me away A pretty thing took a shine to me I couldn't stop her so I let it be I couldn't stop her so I let it be I couldn't stop her"

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