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akon superman

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akon superman
  • Black Lace Superman
    "1,2,1,2,3 go clap ur hands sleep wave ur hands hitch a ride sneeze go for a walk lets see u swim now ski spray macho man! sound ur horn ring the bell ok kiss comb ur hair wave ur hands come on wave ur"
  • R.E.M. Superman
    "(G. Zekley/M.Bottler) (A Godzilla doll, in Japanese: "This is a special news report. Godzilla has been sighted in Tokyo Bay. The attack on it by the self-defense force has been useless. He is heading"
  • Brown Boy Superman
    "I know you're hurting right now Don't worry I'll be your superman (no, no) I can love you like no one can I can be your superman (superman) Just take my hand let's fly away I promise I'll be there"
  • Ronan Keating Superman
    "I've been heading in the wrong direction Hiding from my own protection Running but my heart was standing still I guess you saw the light inside me Your love has been a torch to guide me I hope I can be"
  • Bush Superman
    "Crucified for atonal sins Re-invent myself, shed my alter-skin Tried to break the mold, severed whole First you find your threshold bevels Breathing out your toxic levels Long slow rope is hanging Now"
  • Janna Long Superman
    "I been lost, I been lonely I been thinking only the lucky ones are findin' love, baby In a mes, been in distress, passionless, settled for less You got an S on your chest, baby? If I'm in pain, I won't"
  • Randy Rogers Band Superman
    "We sat and talked last night like it had been a year The whole time I wondered if you were even here The things left unsaid couldhave filled a book Its funny how you capture me with just one little look Chorus: I"
  • Goldfinger Superman
    "So here I am Doin' everything I can Holdin' on to what I am Pretendin' I'm a superman I'm tryin' to keep The ground on my feet It seems the world is fallin' down around me The nights are long I'm singin'"
  • The Matches Superman
    "I swear that you believed me when I told you that I was Superman With you I can even fool myself We've been friends since we were 12, now I'll be 17 on the 24th You've posed for 5 years on my shelf I"
  • Victor Ly Superman
    "I wished upon a shooting star That an angel would fall from above I have searched both near and far And finally found true love Racing against the speed of light Just to make sure you're alright Forever"

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