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alban albanski

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alban albanski
  • Dr. Alban Chiki chiki
    "--chorus--Chiki-chiki on the mind Chiki-chiki all the time If you want it you got it I'm burning inside Chiki-chiki love your style Chiki-chiki so alive Let's go crazy, amaze me Get into the vibe (vibe"
  • Dr. Alban Enemies
    "Enemy's gathering rumours(gathering rumours, gathering rumours)Ignorant spreadFools accept them without confirmationHey, you'd better surrenderStop spreading these rumours, ohEnemy's gathering rumours,"
  • Dr. Alban Mata oh a eh
    "Mata oh a eh oh jo jo Mata oh a eh oh jo jo Hear my own version of the story: Talk about freedom, equality and justice About supression come let me express I criticize the system about opression Calling"
  • Dr. Alban Mr. Dj
    "Come really put your mind to it Ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh Calling Mr DJ Ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh Play that song for me Ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh Calling Mr DJ I believe you'll set me free Ah Mr. DJ come on play my song"
  • Dr. Alban Om we rembwe ike
    "Ndbai Ndeo wono koah Ezi be won kah Esi be wo sino boh dai Afrika oe puh ta Achorom ibko oni Nile oega Nesibo mi mi mi moe hah Icho rigu suonu Ehtuewondo bodai ah Sowe pu ta Ne tihti moaher nga bono gah"
  • Dr. Alban Plastic smile
    "A lot of man know me A lot of man still wanting to know me Talk behind my back and put me down What a thing call plastic smile Come down don't show me this plastic smile Come straight and forward No debi"
  • Dr. Alban Roll down di rubber man
    "Roll down di rubber, man. Roll it down Safe sex = safe life Roll down di rubber, man. Roll it down Safe sex = safe life Check you sex life, AIDS a come Take a little slow use condom You can avoid it by"
  • Dr. Alban Sing Hallelujah
    "Sing Hallelujah! A B C is like 1 2 3 The beat the rhythm the bass Y'all come on Happy people come on Jam with me oh Lord come on come on Happy people singing people party people Happy people jamming on"
  • Dr Alban Its My Life
    "Away away from home This little girl is a country girl Left her home and go to New York Come to Ny with one dollar Ask how many million people in a Ny This little girl went to a session In a session say"
  • Dr. Alban It's My Life
    "It's my life take it or leave it Set me free what's that crap papa-knew-it-all I got my own life you got your own life Live your life and set me free Mind your business and leave my business You know everything"

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