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alone again-allysia reid

  • Alone Again - The Weeknd
    "Take off my disguise I'm living someone else's life Suppressing who I was inside So I throw 2,000 ones in the sky Together we're alone (Together we're alone) In Vegas I feel so at home (In Vegas I feel"
  • Alone Again - Eldritch
    "I see your face as I close my eyes falling asleep I am a victim of your big green eyes Magnetic and magic to me. I’m chasing the hope of being with you I’m afraid it will remain a dream… You deserve more"
  • Alone again - Thomas Godoj ft. Benjamin Herd
    "Thomas: Im not a loser, but I lost my heart (ooh my love) Im not a winner, but you broke apart (ooh my love) Why do fools just fall in love, I cant explain to you.. Refrain: Alone again Going with pleasure"
  • Alone Again - Dreamaker
    "Now I am here so free Walking with the rainbow's tears Without past grief But if you call me My poor soul Run with you so lost Though at last in my heart I know That all my life will be alone... Why I'm"
  • Alone again - Vonda Shepard
    "In a little while from now If I'm not feeling any less sour I promise myself to treat myself And visit a nearby tower And climbing to the top will throw myself off In an effort to make it clear to"
  • Alone Again - Bee Gees
    "'Leaving' that's all you ever seem to say and I'm tired The wants you have me for have expired Sleeping and reading ev'ry book I can find to get my mind off In all I was a soul you were using I am alone"
  • Alone Again - Biz Markie
    "I was on my way, to 125th I saw this def benz, yo that's my man cliff As I flagged them down, he pulled to the side At this moment I had to swallow my pride Cause usually I wouldn't ask for a lift But"
  • Alone Again - God Lives Underwater
    "The past few years Have been so trying Between the drugs and The drinking and the touring In my eyes I'm stabilized And all I need is you Someone who understands CHORUS I know you now The shortest yet And"
  • Alone again - Nina Simone
    "(Naturally)I remember this afternoonWhen my sister came into the roomShe refused to say how my father wasBut I knew he'd be dying soon.And I was oh so glad, and it was oh so sadThat I realized that I despised"
  • Alone again - Thomas Godoj
    "Feat - Benjamin HerdThomas:Im not a looser, but I lost my heart (ooh my love)Im not a winner, but you broke apart (ooh my love)Why do fools just fall in love,I cant explain to you..Refrain:Alone againGoing"

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