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always be back

  • Always Be - Kulcha
    "(Verse 1) Girl i've been waiting for so very long Just to say the words i do Just wanna let you know, I feel for you Come let's settle down my love All that i have i will give to you I'm gonna love you"
  • He Be Back - Missy Elliott
    "Uhnh, uhnh, uhnh, ooh, ohh One, two. Ha, ha Coko, uh huh. Coko uh huh Misdemeanor here. One, two. Hit me One, three. Hit me One, four. Hit me Unh, unh, unh, unh, yo (Verse) - I woke up this morning, And"
  • He Be Back - Coko
    "Uh, uh, uh, ooh 1-2 Heh, heh Coko, uh huh Coko, uh huh Misdemeanor here 1-2 hit me uh, 1-3 hit me uh, 1-4 hit me uh huh I woke up this morning My man, he wasn't sleeping walked over to his boy house I"
  • Always Whenever - Digimon
    "The train to tomorrow runs on broken tracks I keep turning back in hesitation Why is it that when we hold hands And run together, it gives us so much strength? Always, always, whenever We're connected"
  • Always Gone - Justincase
    "I hope so bad that you were just waiting and i hope so bad, not too much, hold the phone you need someone waiting to give you an extra hand one more time, yea you were always out of reach you were always"
  • Always There - Chris And Conrad
    "I have run but I cant lose you, I built up walls but You just break through I'm trying to escape trying to escape, But your keepin up the chase keepin up the chase I break your heart but you just come"
  • I'll always - Trina
    "Uh, yeah This goes out to all my girls All around the world You got a good man Y'all feel me on this, uh yo, yo, yo I'll always Come back to you I'll always Come back to you I'll always Come back to you"
  • Always Love - Addison Road
    "To make a mountain of your life Is just a choice But I never learned enough To listen to the voice that told me Always love, Hate will get you every time Always love, Don't wait til the finish line Slow"
  • Always love - Nada Surf
    "To make a mountain of Your life is just a choice But I never learned enough To listen to the voice that told me Always love Hate will get you everytime Always love Don't wait 'til the finish line"
  • For Always - MxPx
    "If we help each other out along the way Then maybe everything will be OK Who decides if you'll succeed? Who decides those things you want and need? Looking back on all those years All the smiles"

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