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band of horses rockpaladt

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band of horses rockpaladt
  • IGI White horses
    "On White Horses Let Me Ride AwayTo My World of Dreams So Far AwayLet Me RunTo the SunTo a World My Heart Can UnderstandIt's a Gentle Warm and WonderlandFar AwayStars AwayWhere the Clouds Are Made of Candy"
  • Brother Cane Horses & Needles
    "Horses & needles, run in vain Tear through the fabric of a dream You've been elected to find a way Out of the grip that you are in I'm so happy, this smiling face appears to be I'm so happy, that you"
  • Bob Schneider Horses & Ponies
    "Horses & ponies and butterfly wings Little red angels and strawberry springs Bright young boys with their diamond rings Wouldn't ever change a goddamn thing She's all messed up inside All dressed up and"
  • Candlebox 10,000 Horses
    "Feels like the same today 10,000 horses drag me down Seems like the same you say 10,000 voices crying out You put on yourself, you'll see there's nothing left at all 10,000 fingers dragging me down down"
  • Rickie Lee Jones The Horses
    "We will fly Way up high Where the cold wind blows Or in the sun Laughing having fun With the people that she knows And if the situation Should keep us separated You know the world won't fall apart And"
  • Shannon Brown High Horses
    "Everybody knows that Shania ain't country That's what they used to say about Johnny Cash And Garth Brooks shouldn't be smashing those guitars But a hundred million records ain't bad And all the girls"
  • Teenage Fanclub Weird Horses
    "See See what I wanna find I can find it by myself But I feel I feel like I recognize what I see in someone else When I feel like I'm fucked up I don't know if the stars have been stuck up and somewhere"
  • Nik Kershaw Wild Horses
    "he made a record it made him famous yes it made him a star the life and soul of the party he rocks, he shocks you never know where you are with him he got no sense but he got money he got no sense but"
  • Hank Snow Horses Prayer
    "To thee, my master, I offer my prayer. Feed me, water and care for me, and when the day's work is done, provide me with shelter, a clean, dry bed, and stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort. Always"
  • Vanilla Ninja The band that never existed
    "Built a castle for yourselfyou left me drowninglike a hunter in the night Vanillai was your preyand your heart is cold and dark Ninjayou left me bleedingyour plague was meant to killi'm still here Kingdomi'm"

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