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  • The Kite Surfer - Guided By Voices
    "(Containment and holder recouped?) The Indian bearslayer Contingency moves Kicks up the slander Made you race in vanity's airport I'm the kite surfer Surrender your families to game wardens Now the names Now"
  • South Bay Surfer - The Beach Boys
    "Oh, we sailed on the sloop John B. My Grandfather and me. Round Nassau-town we did roam. Drinking all night We got in a fight I feel so break up, I want to go home. REFRAIN: So, hoist up the John B. sails, See"
  • stare ulice (ft. uki balboa, młody surfer) - dzakob
    "zielone oczy to mi tiara nie potrzebna nie przeszedłem postać sobie przyszedłem rozjebać to dla mnie to sprawa pierwszorzędna nie chce zostać w miejscu idę z rąk do rąk, jak na ulicy to szare bloki szare"
  • Wanna Be - White Kaps
    "i'm a politician, with ethics but i'm too stupid i'm a wannabee i'm a preacher, and i'm perfect but i'm too stupid i'm a wannabee couldn't i see couldn't i see couldn't i see couldn't i fucking"
  • I'd rather be surfing - Olsen Twins
    "When I see the sun is shining,I can tell you this is going to be my day.I grab all that I need, out the door.Hey, I'm on my way.You can go and swim, I don't care.You can act like a fish if you dare.Cause"
  • Be - Lenny Kravitz
    "Lord what's the matter Am I lost This life's a disaster, what is the cause Am I a junkie, what is my fate Or am I a flunkie who doesn't relate Or am I a child so full of hate Am I a doctor or even a priest Or"
  • Be - Slade
    "(Noddy Holder & Jimmy Lea) Be helpful to the shyman, But be wary of the slyman oh baby, Be guidance to the blindman, And be thankful to the kind man oh baby, Be scintillating, aggravating, penetrating,"
  • Be - Brettell
    "Come and hold my hand I want to ask you a question Not sure you'll understand The things I am thinkin I sit and write some songs And people laugh at my ways There is somethin missin I just don't understand I"
  • Be - Plus One
    "If the tears should ever cloud your eyes, if the rain should ever darken the skies above you, you'll be alright 'Cause I'm here, I'm here. And I'll turn your gray skies back to blue 'Cause there's nothing"
  • Be - Icarus
    "If the TearsShould Ever Cloud Your EyesIf the RainShould Ever DarkenThe Skies Above YouYou'll Be Alright'cause I'm Here, I'm HereAnd I'll Turn YourGrey Skies Back to Blue'cause There's NothingI Won't Do"

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