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bodies smashing

  • Dead Bodies - Sloppy Meateaters
    "I'm not the guy you use to know the guy you wanna know, but this is me Got little to offer you, except my dream Everything must change if things stay the same then life gets hold and boring but I'm afraid"
  • Processed Bodies - Eso-Charis
    "What I crave, set forth I'll pray I've been saved and raising God's standards, recieve Testing faith cast up my legs Stand up and praise You must be strong There is no compromise Decisions made don't come"
  • Dark Bodies - Fear Factory
    "Dark bodies floating in darkness No sign of light ever given Imprisoned in a world without a memory Unconscious, or am I conscious? Cut from the heart I am part of Sometimes it feels as though I'm frozen"
  • Catchin' Bodies - Ultramagnetic MC's
    "(Kool Keith) I come raw, wrecko, heavy on my tip-o Jumpin on the floor when you're hoppin on my D.O. Rappers know my game when I come in with the flame Fire, burnin, the technique of turnin From here to"
  • Burying Bodies - Lloyd Banks
    "(feat. 50 Cent) [50 Cent:] Yeah Lloyd Banks Uh huh Boywonder Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is L-L-O- to the Y-D- I'll hook your stupid ass up to an I.V. All of a sudden niggas think that"
  • Dead Bodies - The Alchemist
    "(Prodigy) (The Game) We out in this...P and Game, we'll blow that bitch up From the world's most infamous, 1st Infantry (Alchemist, this shit raw like fresh beef playa We boyz in da hood...wanna see a"
  • Human Bodies - Folly
    "This place, more orange nowadays. The ashen badlands redeem. Your face, through magnified glass, still draws me in. Those big eyes draw me in. Distrophy, stale again. Entropy: care so much for kamikaze"
  • Heavenly bodies - Nylons
    "I can't understand this feeling I get When you roll your pretty eyes that way But I thank my lucky stars I guess you still like what you see My poor poor heart's got nowhere to go You looked at me and"
  • Dead Bodies - Alchemist
    "We out, P and Game, we'll blow that bitch up From the world's most infamous, 1st Infantry Alchemist, this shit raw like fresh beef playa We boyz in da hood wanna see a dead body Sittin' in a lowrider,"
  • Dormant Bodies Bursting - Cannibal Corpse
    "Bodies are bursting apart Volcanic eruption of guts Exploding cadavers bring forth A bloodbath to torment all life The sky and the earth are now tainted by Blood Death is to blame for this enormous"

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