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  • Lifestyle Of Rebellion - Against All Authority
    "I'm a rat in a maze i'm headed in the wrong the direction if societies the cure well then i'm the infection when i was younger i tried hard to a find a place within it's structure but the more that i"
  • High On Rebellion - Patti Smith
    "what i feel when i'm playing guitar is completely cold and crazy, like i don't owe nobody nothing and it's just a test just to see how far i can relax into the cold wave of a note. when everything"
  • Rebellion in dreamland - Gamma Ray
    "Voices are calling from somewhere bellowmelting on the eastern shoreRain is falling down on me,been waiting for eternity...Ill be there!Freedom for us all!And I wonder why, why my heart still yearnsand"
  • Rebellion (The Awakening) - Silent Edge
    "Now I can see clearly The fortune I have found Never fades when falling down It's a world supremacy An inhuman day again You will not believe my friend Forced to feel free Gathered wisdom around Broke"
  • Stranger Than Rebellion - Diary Of Dreams
    "Ich mochte die Stille mein Eigen nennen Die Zeit rast, als hatte sie es eilig zu vergehen. Raub den Menschen Ihre Illusion, so zerstorst Du auch Ihr Streben Es fehlen so viele Worte in einem Buch, so viele"
  • Act Of Rebellion - Necrophobic
    "In the twilight hour at the dusk of my life I face the reaper's smile I leave all fear as I cross the gates and begin my journey down I found myself anaesthetic to dwell forever in sin But slowly I awoke"
  • The Last Rebellion - Honor
    "Wsród jeszcze żyjących kłamstw, gnębiacych ten Biały ląd Wyrosło największe z nich, hańbiące aryjska dumę nas wszystkich Ten wciąż mordowany kraj i wolność każdego z nas Sprzedane semickim bogom, prowadzą"
  • Soundtrack To The Rebellion - Machinae Supremacy
    "In this place we find each other A tribute to the wise Who view with open eyes Expose the lies of our brothers Misled and lost between The surface and the screen We are not alone to defy We stand and"
  • Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian) - Linkin Park
    "I've seen the blood I've seen the broken The lost and the sights unseen I want a flood I want an ocean To wash my confusion clean I can't resolve this empty story I can't repair the damage done We are"
  • Watch The Rebellion Grow - S.T.U.N.
    "The time is now in sight When we will all unite You need us, we need you If we're gonna ever break through When the outcome of power is discovered We'll have everywhere to go Until then the rebellion"

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