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cheap trease

  • Cheap teeth - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Loadsa cheese, loadsa cheddar, loadsa cheese...I want a sexy lesbian vampire to touch me upAllll day, allll night yeah.Think so, you're fukcin safe, innit,NHS, come to Newport get cheap teeth done innit.Wicked.Nhs"
  • Cheap honesty - Skunk Anansie
    "I know too well, I know these lines I've seen them smothered, in sleek ridicule A seedy smile, They think they've scored But I know that morning comes And babes a........ Alone again, too alone again So"
  • Cheap Reward - Elvis Costello
    "Oh, well, I feel so loose tonight I might fall to pieces So be prepared to sweep me out the door And I might be horizontal by the time the music ceases So I think I'll get acquainted with the floor Oh,"
  • Cheap Vodka - Acid Bath
    "I blew my last five on a cheap fifth of vodka Gonna kill somethin' There ain't nothing gonna stop us tonight I know about confusion Lets start a riot Lets start a war Everybody that you know is a whore fuck"
  • Cheap Thrill - Down By Law
    "I didn't think that there was something wrong again now it looks like it's that time again it's all a puzzle where one piece never seems fits it's all a game that I just can't win everything was fine"
  • Cheap Parades - Holly Williams
    "(Holly Williams) A memory falls down from where it was With this confession I beg for more I never mean to and it's been awhile Since I found meaning in these desires I know it's wrong to hurt you like"
  • Cheap Wine - Blood For Blood
    "Let's go! It's just another wasted night The world is going to hell tonight I'm stuck in this hell tonight I'm going down in the flames... I been feelin' kinda down, I been feelin' kinda out I been runnin'"
  • Cheap way out - Donots
    "Why do you rain on my parade? You can't afford to be self-righteous You don't know my name I can't stand your random acts of hate Looks like you're on some kind of mission Do you just play a game? Anger's"
  • Life Is Cheap - Flipper
    "Feel so numb and I'm feel so dead Just felt like someone hit my head If someone knew just what to do Poison the masses catch the running few Feel so empty feel so old Just waiting to feel the death like"
  • Talk Is Cheap - Cinderella
    "Youre wearin out your welcome wagon Scraped ya up to drag ya Home on the range you got the flame So now you suck some honeys Comb your hair get out of bed And wash your face, now look youre all Alone in"

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