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childish gambino-

  • Prelude - Napalm Death
    "Last chance to escape Shall I forsake all that I can take to carry on Insanity slips away Greeting the new day Believing is kneeling Ignore what i'm feeling The pressure of living is taking it's toll Regrets"
  • Teething - Oceania
    "your silhouette at the top of the stairs the hot tears of childish fear TV-static stars sparkling in foggy bathroom mirrors I never wanted to leave this world I didn't want to die bury the kitten in"
  • Postpartum Modesty - Evaline
    "shes got it all worked out faded vanity i think that it shows by now, shes probably on to me. well shes clear, not far away at night time they stray. wont believe nor fear, because i made her real."
  • Times of sweet delusions - Fingertips
    "Though I didnt noticeMy model smile has vanishedLeft alone in the desertof words with no soundThen my childish eyes letthose ghosts live in my headTill my so called dreamsFall asleepYou breathe inYou breathe"
  • Chamber Music - Paolo Nutini
    "Sweet little Rosie, my softest machine, Bounces with me on my big trampoline. Childish and silly we're part of a team, me and my Rose on my big trampoline. I was a shadow, I'd smoke and I'd sleep. 'till"
  • Tomorrow - Poco
    "(Skip Goodwin/Richie Furay) Tomorrow always brings Rain, drumming on my window pane As the skies unleash their tears And darkened clouds Release their fears Washing clean the festering earth, It foretells"
  • Figure Eight - Hot Cross
    "I'll gladly force my hands through hearts on nights like this when I've talked my way out of time and spent my life sleeping on idle threats. Catch as catch can't. For a target covers more than a few lost"
  • Swallow On My Neck - Morrissey
    "Oh ... I have been smashed again With the men from the Old Valhalla Road Crematorium Boring men with the same old patter I am a simple man Not much to gain or lose And I don't know why I held out"
  • Angels Fall - Winterpills
    "at the loser's ball you were pretty and tall writing in the wall in your childish scrawl pretty and tall, you were born to fall they were on their knees, they were wailing: burn your wings on the sun trying"
  • Sickness - Mad Marge And The Stonecutters
    "Sickness Yeah, it's burning in my teeth and i can't get a reprieve from you Forgive me for all these crazy things i do But my heart is turning blue and you're gone all alone and left out on your own These"

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