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chris de burgh without you

  • When I Think Of You - Chris De Burgh
    "There is something on my mind, and I'm losing concentration And I feel it everytime, that you are near me. I could tell you all about, your picture at my bedside, I should call you sometime, and talk it"
  • I'am not crying over you - Chris De Burgh
    "I don't mind this empty room, and I like it when I'm alone, I'm trying not to think about you, I'm not waiting by the telephone, I'm watching a late-night movie, where the lovers say goodbye, And it's"
  • The Words I Love You - Chris De Burgh
    "There are those who think that love comes With a lifetime guarantee, But we know from those around us, That this may not always be, It's the simple things That come between A father and a son, But"
  • If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go - Chris De Burgh
    "Please give me one more chance, I'm begging you, just one more chance, If you'll listen... This is not some movie romance, Or everlasting love at a glance, Won't you listen... She is a part of me now, She's"
  • Dry Your Eyes (featuring Chris Martin) - The Streets
    "In one single moment, your whole life can turn round I stand there for a minute, staring straight into the ground Looking to the left slightly, then looking back down The world feels like it's caved"
  • Head And The Heart - Chris De Burgh
    "Here Is Your Paradise Chris de Burgh I never knew love could be a silence in the heart, A moment when the time is still, And all I've been looking for is right here in my arms, Just waiting for the chance"
  • Missing Youcd - Chris De Burgh
    "Much More Than This Chris de Burgh Sometimes the man in me gets restless, I need to get away from you, And spend some time with someone that I knew, Just to see her for a night, And in the candlelight, To"
  • Discovery - Chris De Burgh
    "Chris De Burgh At The End Of A Perfect Day Discovery Lady love, go back to sleep, Dry the tears from your eyes, But i cannot stay with thee Until the morning, For the dawn is breaking, And my ship is waiting"
  • I'm Going Home - Chris De Burgh
    "Chris De Burgh Miscellaneous I'm Going Home I left my home by the ocean, I left my love by the sea, Dreaming i could sing my songs in the city... I thought the streets of london Would be paved with gold, But"
  • Right By My Side (feat. Chris Brown) - Nicki Minaj
    "It all comes down to this I miss your morning kiss I won't lie, I'm feeling it You're gone now, and I'm missing it I'm so dumb, I must admit It's too much, to hold it in I can't say no more than this I"

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