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  • Filthy Flow - GWAR
    "Well I been following the filthy flow Cause filth's the only way I'll ever know You look at me and you start to laugh You won't laugh when your cut in half I laugh at you as I cut you down Cause you"
  • Fire In The Lions - GWAR
    "Oftimes you'll find me raving, sometimes you'll find me sick To wake me up this morning you hit me with a brick Can I help it if I am rather thick? Maybe we can chill you out by chopping off your dick! Sister"
  • Fistful Of Teeth - GWAR
    "Too soon the killing was over The stench of death was all that remained Death he commands in this poison land Distributing pain The choking sky, black buzzards fly Scanning the dead for fresh meat All"
  • Friend - GWAR
    "You are my friend, friend, friend, friend But you no know nothing (x4) You do not treat me this way! (x4) My friend, right or wrong Even if they are completely wrong Me and my friend against the world"
  • Tormentor - GWAR
    "Tor... Tormentor... Born into the fog of war It left a scar He watched his family turn to sludge He was appalled, they often are Because Here are the skulls of the vanquished Here are the weapons he"
  • Tune From Da Moon - GWAR
    "YOU! Screwed it all up, Ruined everything for everyone. YOU! Won't even admit that it was all your fault. WHOAH! The self indulgent ego will bring you down where ever you go. All the hopes broken into"
  • War Is All We Know - GWAR
    "They came from the sun From the east from the west all around And so fate's die is cast They marshaled their forces and foundus at last. So it's come to this The child is the destroyer The young god comes"
  • Sexecutioner - GWAR
    "Sexcuse me! But what good is all the violence in the world Unless it is tempted with limiteless sex? Bring on the limitless sex objects And allow me, sexecutioner (genius) To sexsplain the seriousness"
  • Cool Place To Park - GWAR
    "Frozen it time. We watched as you grew. Now the ice is gone. And now, we travel on - Seems like forever. Y'know we're look for... We can't find cool cool cool place to park Old Medusa with her gorgon"
  • Ham On The Bone - GWAR
    "Can you hear the whispering wind? Over the screams of your dying friends? Did you know your life was mine? You know what I got? A little thing HAM ON THE BONE Now I feel the purpose of my life defined"

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