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cover dive

  • Dive In - Quarashi
    "Someday I will dive me in. Someday I will take a spin. Someday I will make it right. Someday I will stop the fight. It has been thought, it's been thought I found a god that can teach. Take me along,"
  • Dive (뛰어들게) - iKON
    "without you day and night silence comes across I am willing to be trapped in your world I’ll be fine with just one affectionate word I’ll protect hat beautiful smile of yours you just stay where you are I"
  • The dive - Culture Club
    "When I wake up feeling victimized There is nothing that can stop my eyes from crying, crying When you put the pressure down on me 'Cause I don't quite fit your imagery, I'm trying, trying Baby I'm no Superman"
  • Rocket dive - Hide
    "Daitai onnaji mainichi Soide maamaa sorenari OK Dakedo, nantonaku sora miagechaun desho? Kanzen musou no BOYS&GIRLS Kimochi mi nukarechau kara warau Dakedo honki nan janai, sonna mon janai Nannen matte"
  • Swan Dive - Podunk
    "On a long hot summer day I got on my bike and I rode away I was going to the swimming hole With a pack of smokes and my fishin' pole That was the day that i won't forget I stripped down and put out my"
  • Power-Dive - Gun Barrel
    "(G. Feldhausen) We're dancing with the devil We do it all night long We offer you a bad life Inside of hell and outside of the law We're riding with a demon We load those guns to shoot Spread the arms"
  • Christians Dive - Kashmir
    "All the last so emotional signs that he had shown us Came so sudden and so unpredictable I had loved a friend without knowing the balk pains of his Mind Sure we stead and we stand As the bullets came"
  • Dive Deeper - Dharma
    "I don’t want to see that There is nothing to hold onto I can’t stand anymore When the pain is coming through I’ll try to erase your lies In the hidden temple of my mind I’m chanting secret mantras Leave"
  • Cover - Tom Vek
    "When you get home there's gonna be a big present waiting on your bedside table, you said Its your Stanley knife smile cutting into me That's why I cover my ears when you talk to me That's why That's why"
  • Crash Dive - Saxon
    "I just got the news You're back in town You're working for a good time Are you still going down You're little too crazy You ain't gonna last The candle lit at both ends And it's burning too fast You're"

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